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Scout Article - Everson Griffen

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Irish are Hanging on with Griffen Premium Story

Everson Griffen


By Jeff Baumhower


Date: Dec 7, 2006


The Notre Dame coaching staff has been working overtime on recruiting and the effort is showing in different ways. Scout.com’s No.1-rated defensive end, Everson Griffen had all but eliminated Notre Dame several weeks ago, but after a visit by the Notre Dame coaches, the Irish are back in the mix.

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Come on now, nothing is officially done til the LOI is signed and delivered.....or in the case of an EE, they are enrolled in classes.


Everson may be silently commited to USC (or not so silently), but CW is still trying.



Plus it still puts ND in recruiting news all over the country for all the kids to read.And Say WOW.That coaches for ND really care.

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Guest AtlantaIrish

Kids do change their minds. If the ND coaches keep telling him what he wants to hear and maybe the USC coaches slack off a little bit, you never know.

You don't stop trying to recruit kid's, Weis doesn't have a defeatist attitude and we should love it.

Go Irish!!

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Guest HopeSpringsEternal

From the <a>Boston Globe</a>, USC graduation rate for football players is 55%. ND's graduation rate for football players is 95%. USC also has a huge disparity between the number of European American players who graduate versus African American players.


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Guest HopeSpringsEternal

"alot of players" leave early?


Here are the 15 USC draft choices since 2003.



2006 2 45 LenDale White RB Titans

2006 3 93 Dominique Byrd TE Rams

2005 1 10 Mike Williams WR Lions

2005 1 31 Mike Patterson DT Eagles

2005 2 37 Shaun Cody DT Lions

2005 2 45 Lofa Tatupu LB Seahawks

2004 1 20 Kenechi Udeze DE Vikings

2004 2 52 Jacob Rogers OT Cowboys

2004 2 62 Keary Colbert WR Panthers

2004 4 102 Will Poole CB Dolphins

2003 1 1 Carson Palmer QB Bengals

2003 1 16 Troy Polamalu S Steelers

2003 3 96 Justin Fargas RB Raiders

2003 6 203 Kareem Kelly WR Saints

2003 7 218 Malaefou Mackenzie RB Jaguars


Presumably, USC gives 85 scholaships per year. On average 46 or 47 guys a year graduate. On average, the other 38 or 39 don't. According to the Boston Globe, most of those who don't graduate, are African American.

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Guest NDEagles379

Yeah, that's not a full list, and some of those guys didn't go early. Last year they had a couple OL go early, as well as White and Bush. The % is skewed by players who leave early, but still, they don't have a good grad rate, especially among African-Americans. Most major schools are quite low in that regard, and its too bad.

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interesting quote from the end of the article...


"I think I’ll make my decision next week or the week after. I don’t know yet, but I think it’ll come sometime soon,” he said. “I was going to announce at the Army All-American game, but I just want to get it done.”


Sounds like we'll know on him real soon boys...I think this bodes well for ND since he will be announcing so quickly after Weis/Minter's visits. Well, doesn't bode great, but better chance than I thought anyway.

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Guest weisforprez

New article from Rivals says that Griffen has basically made up his mind and is ready to announce. His mother told Rivals that they are looking to set up a TV conference soon, and that it is down to the three schools that made in house visits this week.


USC, ND and Michigan. That said, about half of the quotes were just about the USC staff and how wonderful Carroll was....blah blah blah.


Anyway its not looking good, but lets hope Ben Martin is not a silent to tOSU.

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Hmm...maybe Petey was a little worried? Idk why Weis would waste time with a prospect if he didn't think we had a shot, and idk why Petey would need to be making in homes if this kid was already a silent. I wouldn't put money on getting Griffen, but I wouldn't completely rule it out either.

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