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The Joseph Barksdale thing...

Guest loweND

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I was told that ND officially dropped him but unlike Michigan and Texas, ND will accept his verbal if he decides to do so...



Can you actually even picture CW saying, "If you feel like money is what you want, then you can go elsewhere, but if you actually want to be a part of something and play football, and earn a top notch degree, then i'll accept your commitment."


I just dont know if that would really happen.

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Guest TDJesus3

it happens, money and boosters are a part of big time athletics


it cost us McCoy and it goes on, just look at Bomar


Charlie would never do that though

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Its ridiculous that it happens, but it does. I was watching ESPN last night and they had a segment, highlighting Ginn. And when they interviewed him, he had on a very expensive chain. And I just thought to myself, how else could he afford this chain?? Now I dont know if it was actually given to him by the school or not, but damn he's in college, playing football, so how else do they earn money ??

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