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JAG, I can't remember which show and who it was. It might have even been on a radio sports show. But, I heard an analyst say that Bowden (Clemson) is tossing about the decision to retire and spend time in FLA watching his Dad's final years at FSU.


I know it sounds weird but I did hear someone say that. For the life of me I can't remember where. I think it may have been on a Saturday morning national talk show this past weekend that was interviewing a Clemson writer about the Maryland/Clemson game.


Vagas, you're right. I heard the same thing. It was on ESPN, but I too honestly forget which show or by whom. When you watch so much ESPN you confuse the shit outta yourself. it MIGHT have been on Mike and Mike in the morning-but def. espn

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Just talked to a girl friend, today, at Clemson and asked her about the T. Bowden situation. Apparently, it is pretty common knowledge over there that he is done, if not this year, next. I don't know; but I am leaving to go over there on Friday, so I will check it out. She doesn't know overly much about sports or Clemson, so I give her creds through her own ignorance that what she says must have something to it; because she is to dumb to know any different.


How could you not like Terry Bowden?!?!? Goes 12-0 at Auburn and bangs the University President's college-age daughter. Hotttttt...

ha ha ha ha, god i friggin love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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