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Shrek & Notre Dame

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I was at the dentist with my daughter where they were playing Shrek.  I hadn’t thought about this is in years, but the movie was produced by ND grads so there are some ND references in there.  I wasn’t sure if you guys were familiar with this.

Anyway, I was pointing out the references to her like the town of Du Lac, the castle looks like Hesburgh Library, Shrek apparently resembles a chemistry professor, and Lord Farquaad is a reference to Carroll Hall as Far Quad.  Shrek’s vest also has the golden dome in it.  Apparently, every movie has the Fighting Irish symbol hidden in it, too.

Thought you might find that interesting is you didn’t know!

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2 hours ago, The Captain 19 said:

I did not know this. Coolest sh** I heard today. Now I've got to watch it again. 

Same here, so yeah, definitely going to watch it again!

Thanks for letting us know @irishwavend!

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