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Notre Dame Football Countdown - 43 Days Remaining

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2 hours ago, FaithInIrish Forever said:

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Man, one of my all time favorite plays! 😍

What made it even better was it sparked that insane 4th quarter for Notre Dame, where they ended up beating Wisconsin by 28!! 😳😂

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8 hours ago, FaithInIrish Forever said:

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Man, this was such a fun game!

Funny story for everyone. This game was during my second deployment to Afghanistan. I knew the game was on the Armed Forces Network (AFN), so I snagged one of the common area big screens in our dorm and turned the game on. This was the same day that McGregor was fighting Nurmagomedov in UFC 229. Just about everyone that walked through asked if I could turn that fight on. I said no every time. 😂 The reason was is I knew that fight hadn’t started, and even if it had, I wasn’t turning the game off till it was over.

Still, this was an awesome game, and when this play happened, I was so loud people came out to see what was happening. One of them was a guy I had went through training with, and he ended up finishing the game with me.

I then went to work, and we watched McGregor get destroyed by Nurmagomedov! It was a great day! 🤣

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