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Notre Dame Football Countdown - 43 Days Remaining

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9 hours ago, FaithInIrish Forever said:

I usually start at 100. But this guy posting at 111 yesterday got me antsy

I like Freeman

I like the recruiting

I like the transfer and NIL stuff because it encourages players to stay in school longer instead of automatically taking a chance on the draft.


Don't know if I'll commit to everyday but I do want to give it a start.

I was just thinking about the Countdown to Kickoff the other day, and saw this post on X (Twitter) from Jake. I had even commented on it. 😂

I can help you out with this for sure, because it’s one of my faves! ☘️🏈 

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11 hours ago, FaithInIrish Forever said:


105 Days Left Countdown for sales promotion. 105 days left to go  Promotional sales banner 12936250 Vector Art at Vecteezy

@Mike Which button to you use make the 105 be on top of the video. I did i it the wrong order and thought I could switch it, now the video keeps playing when i try to drag it thanks. Disregard I figured out to drag the bigger object down first

Glad you figured it out!

It can be a bit of a pain right now, but these arrows will make it a breeze once this update is finally ready to rollout 😉


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One of the more under the radar championship Coaches in Notre Dame history was Dan Devine. Known for his time with the Green Bay Packers of the NFL and as head coach of the University of Missouri. He wasn't happy about how the movie Rudy portrayed him. Also following the "Era of Ara" was no small task. Yet he led Notre Dame to the 77 national championship and has a statue. Famously Coaching Joe Montana, Bob Golic and many others. 

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