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Where is JA?


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But with the talk from Weis, I thought we would have seen him by now even if it was to get on the field without a touch.


don't want to risk a reinjury. Even if it is a decoy.

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Guest Irish4life

dont need to see JA on the field. Walker is the #1 running back for a reason, then hes got travis thomas and munir prince to back him up.

I wouldnt risk JA right now, rather safe than sorry i mean cmon hes only a freshman and its not a big deal than hes not getting into the game. who knows maybe he will be 100 percent later in the year and pass prince and get pt vs teams like navy or army.


but still, not a big deal.

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Guest irishrick

yes walker played great today, i don;t think any of us hate the guy, last year he had several 100 yds games and finally he bull-threw today, we just want him to be consistent, the west kid has a lot of potential just wish that we scored more and then we would have seen more players get into the game. :lol:

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Guest SirJohn

Sorry Pete your right Imeant it another way. :) I was distracted the whole game some family issues then a squabble over at recruiting section :roll: :roll:


I think I saw Herring in on Defense, Gallup?? I want to see more of those guys getting minutes.

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Guest DCIrish

I thought we had estblished there is no injury? If the "injury" is over, why not play him? I thought Darius did better today, but we still need a home run threat to keep the defense honest. Darius still dances too much and does not have the speed to turn the corner. Has he ever had a run over 40 yards? I understand the importance of ball control, but I think we need to see more of Prince and Aldridge.


One, this creates competition for Darius. Yes, he is our #1 back. That said, I think he would have more urgency is he weren't the only option. I.E. he would have his carries limited some and he anxious to assert himself when he is in there. Also, he could get a breather. He was visibly winded at the end of the half. Holtz was the master of this when he inserted fresh legs at the end of the game. Power, power, then Rocket. A tired defense never has an answer. Is Prince/Aldridge a Rocket. No, but it would give them something to think about.


Second, if you use them sparingly, it becomes predicitable. When Prince was in the game, everyone and their mother knew they were running it. They need to be inserted into the game as pass blockers/receivers as well as runners or the other team will continue to load the box. I.e, they have to pick up the offense...


Third, it's a matter of speed. Did Darius have a great game? Sure. However, he lacks that extra gear to get extra yardage or break one. We have missed that for years. Until we have it, opponents are gonna set their defense to defend the pass because they will not be afraid of home runs. I.E. They will be willing to have him dance for 6 on occasion knowing it will not turn out to be 30.


Fourth, our o-line looked better. However, when you have a speedy back, their job becomes easier. Holding a block for Darius sometimes becomes too long. With a quicker back, they can pass the LOS and be gone. Maybe this would help on the holding front?


Fifth, this hurts recruiting. If a recruit is watching, he is probably questioning how many touches he will get. Let's be honest, every major program uses different backs. We use one. Our competition will be pointing that out no doubt. "If you go to ND and aren't the man, you will sit for years." "If you come to USC, OSU, etc then where we rotate backs even if you are a freshman, you will get your touches..."


Finally, if Darius is hurt, then the other team will set in nickel and dime and we will be back to Michigan game in terms of effectiveness in throwing it. We have to have others with game experience. This is not smart IMO. I.e, the run sets up the pass, but if we have no one with experience, then we will not be very productive on the passing front.


At day's end, I love Darius. That said, it you have all this talent, then use it. I'm sick of hearing about it. Talk is cheap. This "injury" is bordering on ridiculous. We are now at the Stanford game and limited use of Prince and Aldridge. We have to develop them more for the season's end and next year. Absent that, they should just go into the student section.

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The reason I was asking where JA was because Weis made it sound like we would be seeing him on the field. TD said he heard he could block and expected him to play. I tought DW needed a break for all his hard work and thought he did a great job.

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charlie didnt want to risk him getting hurt any further. he also made a comment about ja not getting enough practice time so he wasnt going to play him if he hadnt put in the time at practice. weis said he needed to earn it and that it just wasnt going to be given to him

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Just got back to Alabama from the game. It was my first ND game and I must say it was awsome. The campus is breathtaking.

After the game I got to meet JA. I asked him when he was going to get on the field and told him everybody wants to see him in action. He said " Me too." He was a very nice kid. I did notice that he looked like he was favoring his right lleg a little while he was walking. Not sure if he had anything wrong, but It did look as if he was limping a little bit. It could have just been a little pimp walking :) A little swagger or something.

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I'd like to see Munir play more. We already know what Darius can do. I want to see what some of these younger guys do. I must say that I really admire USC the way they use all of there backs. I think that's something we should consider doing.

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Guest JerseyDomer

Credit to UHND.




Aldridge's Debut Will Have to Wait Another Week, At Least




By Frank Vitovitch

1st October 2006



While highly touted freshman running back James Aldridge was cleared to play medically, head coach Charlie Weis decided against using the talented back this weekend against Purdue and hinted that didn't give a definitive answer as to when he will see the field.


Other than offensive tackle Sam Young, Aldridge was probably the most highly anticipated recruit landed by Weis and company last year. When the Merriville High School product enrolled early expectations were high, but injuries have slowed him since arriving in January.


Coming off a knee injury, Saturday's weather conditions which included off and on raining in the second half weren't exactly accommodating for Aldridge's debut. Weis, however, said he was leery of putting Aldridge in the game in the fourth because Purdue was focused on stopping the run.


"James might have been a good person to work on that end of the game stuff, it might have been a good time, but I'm just envisioning, here's a guy just coming off a knee, they got a 1800 guys up on the line of scrimmage and I'm going to go ahead and get his head ripped off on the first couple carries," said Weis.


Weis would later add that, "James is just coming back. You got to earn your stripes at this place. We don't hand anything to anyone. When he earns his stripes, he'll be out there. I don't believe in giving anyone anything."


Despite being medically cleared to play and dressing for the game, Aldridge was still being held out of contact drills this week and its likely Weis may want to see how he handles those drills before putting him in a game.


Aldridge's debut is one of the more highly anticipated for an Irish recruit in a while based on the accolades he brought with him out of high school. With Notre Dame lacing depth at the running back position, his debut could potentially add another back capable of giving Darius Walker a couple series off.


So far this year, Walker has been worked pretty heavily making creating depth at the running back position one of the more important tasks facing the Irish as they drive for a BCS bid.


Thomas, Grimes, Renkes Held Out Saturday

Travis Thomas got hurt on the last play of the Michigan State game and was held out this weekend. Thomas had an MRI earlier in the week that came back negative, but his ribs weren't healed enough to make it a go this week. Senior Joe Brockington started in his place and performed fairly well despite dropping a "gimme' interception.


Grimes, who missed the Michigan State game, was held out again this week after letting Weis know before kickoff he wouldn't be able be "full go" despite wanting to play. Weis left the decision of whether or not he would play up to his receiver. "I told him that I would go with him, that he deserves to be the number three receiver and the lead kickoff returner, I said, but you got to be honest with me," said Weis. Weis would add that Grimes told him, "I want to play but I can't go full go. So we flip flopped based off of that."


Bobby Renkes, meanwhile, got banged up last week and as a result Ryan Burkhart made his debut on kickoffs. Renkes's injury didn't seem too serious according to Weis.


Morton injured during game

Fifth year senior offensive lineman Bob Morton was injured during the second half of the game, but his injuries don't appear to be serious. Weis said Morton could have most likely gone back in if needed, but with the game in control, Brian Mattes filled in for the rest of the game.

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