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2016 Recruit Visits

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Official Visit [Texas: 9/5]:


OL Parker Boudreaux (ND Verbal)

OL Liam Eichenberg (ND Verbal)

OL Tommy Kraemer (ND Verbal)

LS John Shannon (ND Verbal)

CB Julian Love (ND Verbal)

DE Adetokunbo Ogundeji (ND Verbal)

DB Jalen Elliott (ND Verbal)

OL Joshua Lugg (ND Verbal, 2017)

LB Daelin Hayes (Unofficial, Offer, USC Verbal)

CB Donte Vaughn (Offer)

S DJ Morgan (Offer)

ATH Demetrius Robertson (Offer)

CB Eric Cuffee (Offer)

ATH Melquise Stovall (Offer)

WR Donnie Corley (Offer)

DT Jovan Swann

OL Matthew Gutwald

LB TJ Brunson (Unofficial, Louisville Verbal)

TE Cole Kmet (Offer, 2017)

ATH Tyrell Ajian (Offer, 2017)

LB Joshua Ross (Offer, 2017) *Tentative

LB Corey Malone-Hatcher (Offer, 2017)

DB Jaylen Kelly-Powell (2017)

CB Ambry Thomas (2017)

QB Jairus Grissom (2017)

WR Mac Hippenhammer (2017)

DE James Hudson (2017, Kentucky Verbal) *Tentative

QB Chris Katrenick (2017)

S Jaylen Kelly-Powell (2017)

DL PJ Mustipher (2018 )


Official Visit [GT: 9/18]:


LB Aaron Hansford (Offer)

QB Chris Katrenick (2017)

WR Jamire Calvin (2017)

ATH Jairus Grissom (2017)

QB Andrew Tovar (2017)

QB Brandon George (2017)

S Brendon White (2017)

RB Markese Stepp (2018 )


Official Visit [UMASS: 9/25]:


LB Jonathan Jones (Offer)

ATH Antjuan Simmons (2017)

DT Dalyn Wade-Perry (2017)


Official Visit [Navy: 10/10]:


OL Parker Boudreaux (ND Verbal)

DL Carlo Kemp (Offer)

CB David Long (Offer, Stanford Verbal)

ATH Alaric Williams (2017)

QB Kaymen Cureton (2017)

DE Ian Creech (2017)

RB Kade Remsberg (2017)

QB Brennan Armstrong (2018 )

LS Cade Long (2018 )

OL Wyatt Blake (2018 )

LB Dax Hollifield (2018 )

OL Antwan Reed (2018 )


Official Visit [USC: 10/17]:


QB Ian Book (ND Verbal)

CB Jalen Elliott (ND Verbal)

RB Tony Jones Jr. (ND Verbal)

WR Kevin Stepherson (ND Verbal)

S Spencer Perry (ND Verbal)

OL Tommy Kraemer (ND Verbal)

CB Julian Love (ND Verbal)

DL Ade Ogundeji (ND Verbal)

LS John Shannon (ND Verbal)

OL Dillon Gibbons (ND Verbal, 2017)

OL Joshua Lugg (ND Verbal, 2017)

TE Cole Kmet (ND Verbal, 2017)

CB Troy Pride, Jr. (Offer, VT Verbal)

DL Khalid Kareem (Offer)

LB Daelin Hayes (Offer)

WR Javon McKinley (Offer)

RB Deon McIntosh (Offer)

S Devin Studstill (Offer)

S Brandon Burton (Offer)

S Ikenna Okeke (Offer)

CB Damar Hamlin (Offer)

LB Jeffrey McCulloch (Offer)

OL Matt Brockhorst (2017)

S Nick Okeke (2017)

CB Amir Riep (2017)

QB Kaymen Cureton (2017)

CB AJ Harris (2017)

ATH Derek Pitts (2017)

WR Isaiah Robertson (2017)

QB Walker Wood (2017)

OL Jedrick Wills (Offer, 2017)

LB Antjuan Simmons (Offer, 2017)

LB David Adams (Offer, 2017)

LB Corey Malone-Hatcher (Offer, 2017)

RB Markese Stepp (2018 )


Official Visit [Wake Forest: 11/14]:


S DJ Morgan (ND Verbal)

DL Khalid Kareem (ND Verbal)

TE Cole Kmet (ND Verbal, 2017)

OL Dillon Gibbons (ND Verbal, 2017)

ATH Damian Alloway (Offer)

DL Oluwole Betiku (Offer)

WR Donnie Corley (Offer) *Tentative

LB Corey Malone-Hatcher (Offer, 2017)

QB Avery Davis (Offer, 2017)

WR Trey Blount (2017)

CB D.J. Brown (2017)

WR Mac Hippenhammer (2017)

CB Anthony Humm (2017)

S Stuart Head (2017)

LB Derrick Hubbard (2017)

OL Turner Ruby (2017)

DE Jordan Murphy (2017)


Official Visit [ND Banquet: 12/11]:


DL Julian Okwara (ND Verbal)

WR Chase Claypool (ND Verbal)

OL Liam Eichenberg (ND Verbal)

OL Tommy Kraemer (ND Verbal)

DB Julian Love (ND Verbal)

DL Ade Ogundeji (ND Verbal)

LS John Shannon (ND Verbal)

LB Caleb Kelly (Offer)

S Jordan Fuller (Offer)


Official Visit [Post-season: 1/15]:


LB Ben Davis (Offer)


Official Visit [Post-season: 1/22]:


WR Nate Johnson (Offer)

OL Matt Gutwald (PWO)

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Seems like huge numbers....bigger than it's been in the past?


Could not find the list of attendees for the 2014 March Junior Day but did find this list:


June 20-25 (Camp)

- ID OL Tristen Hoge (ND Verbal), 247 Composite 4*

- LA OT Jerry Tillery (ND Verbal), 247 Composite 4*

- IL OL Trevor Ruhland (ND Verbal), 247 Composite 3*

- NV S Nicco Fertitta (ND Verbal), 247 Composite 3*

- TX CB Kendall Sheffield (Offer), 247 Composite 5*

- KY RB Damien Harris (Offer), 247 Composite 5*

- GA LB Natrez Patrick (UGA Verbal), 247 Composite 4*

- VA DT Darvin Taylor (Offer), 247 Composite 4*

- GA OLB Adonis Thomas (Offer), 247 Composite 4*

- AR WR KJ Hill (Offer), 247 Composite 4*

- UT DE Porter Gustin, 247 Composite 4*

- CA CB Ykili Ross (Offer), 247 Composite 4*

- PA RB Josh Adams (Offer), 247 Composite 4*

- OH DE Dre'Mont Jones (Offer), 247 Composite 4*

- OH LB Jerome Baker (Offer), 247 Composite 4*

- NV WR Cordell Broadus (Offer), 247 Composite 4*

- LA LB Arthur McGinnis (Offer), 247 Composite 3*

- MI RB Mike Weber, 247 Composite 4*

- VA LB Jahvoni Simmons, 247 Composite 4*

- OH LB Nick Conner, 247 Composite 4*

- FL LB Te'Von Coney, 247 Composite 3*

- FL LB Jordan Griffin, 247 Composite 3*

- PA DE Shareef Miller, 247 Composite 3*

- IN CB Justin Tranquill, 247 Composite 3*

- CA DB Elijah Jones, 247 Composite 3*

- IN RB Levante Bellamy, 247 Composite 3*

- OH LB Chris Green, 247 Composite 3*

- IN OLB Inoke Moala, 247 Composite NR

- CA ATH Matt Smith, 247 Composite NR

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This list is fantastic. Even if all don't make it, the group will be great. Comparing to other early ND Junior Days it is out of this world.
Yes it is. I just read a great read on ND rivals regarding the new staff and recruiting. They are all super pumped and going to recruit relentlessly for ND. Very eager to see how Denson and Lyght do in this department.
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Tony Jones Jr has a possibility of committing on Junior Day if everything goes great. His dad has know Denbrock for 17 years and 247 is saying that they talked to the kid and his dad and they consider this a big time offer. Dad is quoted on saying he might commit on the spot





interesting. i could see him at running back. i doubt linebacker unless he grows a couple of inches. i wonder if he could play safety.

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Big guy, very very good vision and jump cut. Not a lot of extra movements and good speed for his size. Jukes but shakes off first would be tackler. Takes good angles and close to as fast as anyone on field. Doesn't pull away from other like some but not caught from behind much either. IMG, Florida, probably pretty good competition, anyone know any more about their division or any more info on the lad?


Think he's pretty close to a take unless some other crazy studs want in. If he 210/215 now, he's 225/230 after red shirt.

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Added more. As of now 13 of the Rivals Top 250 and 12 of the Composite Top247 should be at Junior Day. Lets hope it holds.
That is pretty darn impressive. Excited about this new staff. Have a feeling Sanford Jr is going to be an animal on the recruiting trail.
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