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Interesting Time Sink

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What kind of man whips out his dink at a 74 year old woman in a pharmacy????


I was more disturbed by the UConn player arrested for having pictures of 5-10 yr old boys engaged in sex acts on his computer, but there are some real sick people on there in general.

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My ex would bitch if I didn't flush urine. Sometimes after I poop and flush TP, I'll do a safety wipe before I pull up pants and make sure I got it all and she bitches about a clean piece of TP in the toilet..


I tell her no sense in wasting an entire bowl of water for 1 piece of TP..

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WTF? I missed that...


Near the bottom:



12/8/2010 — UConn offensive lineman Greg McKee has been has been charged with importing child pornography, obscenity and promoting a minor in an obscene performance. He was suspended indefinitely by head coach Randy Edsall.


Had to look up the details hoping it was just an 18 year old guy with a 17 year old GF or something. No such good fortune.

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