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Coach Alford to OSU

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This will continue to be an issue until Notre Dame is willing to pay coaches market value.


I don't think pay would come into play here. He's essentially topped out as RB coach here under Kelly, it appears. He's also gotten recruiting coordinator, which he'd probably get elsewhere, but I could see him taking a lateral move if it appears it would also help him get a promotion. Plus, it's just rare for guys to stay any one place for a long time. He's been here 6 years? Plus, Urban has come for him once before, and for his career, it would certainly help him to get another major coach like Urban Meyer in his corner and build those relationships.


It would suck, and hurt to see him go. But, I'm kind of expecting him to take that job this time.

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If he leaves ND for a lateral move to the OSU RB position, it will be very telling. He had his name in contention for the CSU head coaching job. I would begin to wonder what kind of continuity BK has with his staff. Considering the number of assistants that have left and potentially the best recruiter we have left going to OSU, color me concerned.

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