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Super Bowl Starter Stars

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Sports radio talk this morning, reporters at the Super Bowl, noted this little tidbit:

Of the starters in the Super Bowl, coming out of high school 33 were 3 star recruits, 8 were 4 star recruits. There are no 5 star recruits starting in the game. A few, like Brady, went to college before the services started keeping star ratings. They estimate he would have been a 3 or 4 star guy.

The reporters did not say what service ranking was used to generate the information.

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stars dont ever matter.

coaches dont recruit guys based on yellow stars on a website.


You are right. Just a coincidence the best teams tend to have the most stars.


Oh brother!! Here we go again. Can we all just agree to disagree?


How about this for a distraction?? It worked in another thread....



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