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BVG a possible target for The Raiders' DC job?

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Conjecture but I hope not, despite the second half collapse last year.


Reports today began to surface that Jack Del Rio was targeting a coach from the college ranks to be his defensive coordinator in Oakland, just days after former Atlanta Head Coach Mike Smith and names of other current NFL assistants had been linked to the job.


While Del Rio and the organization are playing it close to the vest, one name has emerged that fits the bill.


Lance @gatekeeper1269


IMO #Raiders next DC will Brian VanGorder..ND dc at the moment was with DJR in jax


7:44 PM - 23 Jan 2015


Brian VanGorder is currently the Defensive Coordinator at the University of Notre Dame, a position he has only held for one season. VanGorder is a seasoned assistant coach at both the college and pro level, and has held college head coaching positions in the past. He also has a link to Del Rio, having served on Del Rio’s staff in Jacksonville in 2005 in his first NFL job, as well as serving as Del Rio protege Mike Smith’s Defensive Coordinator with the Atlanta Falcons from 2008-2011.



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I know this may not be a popular response but im not sure it would be all bad if true. I dont doubt that the faults of this years defense was because of youth and injuries but he also doesnt have the greatest track record in the world.


Track record... meh


What is factual is he had this defense playing pretty well at the beginning of the season, even getting a shut-out against Michigan. When the injuries started to hit, the defense took a VERY big fall.

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All the talk of BK getting offers in that long thread---very bad team season with some questionable coaching decisions was NEVER going to translate into offers , that mammoth thread was always a waste of energy.


Similar situation for BVG--coming off one of the worst seasons ever for an ND defense was NEVER going to bring in offers.


Guys get FIRED after having seasons like ours, they don't get bigger offers!



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