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Early Look at Texas Longhorns

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The eyes of Texas are upon the Irish nation and I think they are quite worried about the opening game of the 2015 season.


First Texas lost their best defensive player in defensive tackle Malcolm Brown as he entered the draft early. He was responsible for 15 tackles for loss, 6 sacks and 8 hits on the quarterback. Not only this they have also lost the other opening day defensive tackle and defensive end from the 2014 squad. The front 7 has easily been Charlie Strong's strong suit but he will not be at full strength to begin the 2015 season.


On the other hand, our defense practically returns in tact and then we add Ishaq Williams up front and KieVarae Russell in the secondary. We will put up a much more formidable front against the Longhorns then what we had most of this past season. Nobody bolted for the NFL and with the return of Sheldon Day I'm going to be very confident come September 5th.


Malik vs. Swoopes. I'll take Malik in a heartbeat. He won't be denied and we won't settle for field goals. Swoopes will make a couple of critical mistakes as he always does.


Look for a dominant running game by the Irish and and very high percentage passing attack in the mid to short range by the Irish. Can't wait to see the dominant offensive line of the Irish with McGlinchey at 6' 8'' and 325 pounds anchoring the right side and Stanley dominating on the left. We shuttle in two backs in Folston and Bryant and we catch the attention of the nation.


Maybe ESPN game day is on hand to give us added focus.

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Here in Austin on talk radio. Some seem to think that their back up. Herd I think is his name. Has a good shot at being the started. This kid is supposed to be a stud. Also, from listening. Not too many are high on Swoops if he does start. They say he just doesn't have it. He looks out of whack. Their O line isn't anything to write home about either. And their receiving core doesn't scare anyone. No one guy that you say that he's a go to for a big play or conversion.

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Bowl Game: L Texas Bowl



Year stats










Points scored




Points against




In summation


Horrible on offense, pretty decent on defense


From listening to them local sports station here. It's not so much of how much they are losing on each side of them ball. But more of who they are losing. They will be losing difference makers on both sides. Especially defense.

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As bad as Texas has been, I wouldn't count it as an automatic win for the Irish as I've seen some fans do.


Let's not forget last year was Strong's first year and he began by kicking half the players off the team. I expect them to better this year.


I think this game is going to be a close one.


Never an easy win. Big time program. Big Time Athletes. That said year 6 vs Year 2 we should win at home.




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Texas recruits pretty good but they've been **** for years. I bet Texas fans think Swoopes is the next Vince Young while his height/weight/color is the only thing the two have in common. I could totally see us losing to Texas but if we do it's going to be a long season.


If we can't get past these guys we should expect 6-7 wins tops.

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