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Cooper, Yeldon, Collins Leave 'Bama

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prolly but he seems oddly at ease as a person now moreso than ever..


He knows now that he has the fan base to back him and all he has to do is knock on a kids door and say, "hi,I'm Nick Saban" and kids will jump. He has no pressure until he retires in 7 years.

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The only thing remotely close to that ridiculousness is the run the poodle had while at $c.


Let's hope that sark doesn't have a similar run. He's off to a really good start so far. :mad2:


The late 80's through early 90's Notre Dame classes were in the ballpark. Especially Vinny Cerrato built classes.

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I fully expect the words Alabama, Ole Miss and recruiting scandals to all go together one day...


Ole Miss... definitely, but I think Alabama has gotten to a point where they do not need as much "illegal acts" to help them.


However, I agree, I think both schools bend or even break the rules... Ole Miss will get caught, that recruiting class they had was just stupid.

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