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Top 25 finish?

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Could ND end up in the final Top 25 rankings?


There are a few openings: #25 Minnesota lost, obviously # 23 LSU lost, #21 L'ville lost, #19Auburn lost, so there will be some movement.

Minny, L'Ville and LSU are candidates to to drop out.

Can ND slip in at #25 with a win over #23?

Me thinks they have a shot!8-)

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Here's my list.. and below 12... it's a crapshoot.


1 Oregon

2 Ohio State

3 Alabama


5 Michigan State



8 Baylor

9 GaTech

10 Georgia

11 Wisconsin

12 Missouri

13 Arizona State

14 Mississippi State

15 Kansas State

16 Clemson

17 Mississippi

18 Arizona

19 Boise State

20 Utah

21 USC

22 Marshall

23 Nebraska

24 Louisville

25 ND (because, why not).

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It would be nice, I believe there were 4 8-4 win times at the bottom of the AP top 25 plus Nebraska at 9-3 and of those 5 teams, 3 lost their bowl games. Auburn at 9-3 lost as well.


However, higher ranked teams that lost will drop in the rankings. 6 out of the top ten teams in the AP ranking lost, so they'll settle towards the middle and some of the teams below them lost so they will drop as well.


It's not out of the question, I just wouldn't get my hopes up.

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Man... what's the point of being a homer if you can't even slide ND in at 25... when most of the teams ranked 21-25 were 8-4 before bowls.


That said, ND was not a top 25 program this year... not even top 30. November was so bloody embarrassing.


But, homerism says they are barely one of the top 25 teams after bowls, and recalibration of the relative strength of the conferences.

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They will be lucky to be ranked 27-30th. Finishing 8-5 while beating a poor LSU team on a last second FG does not vault them into the top 25.


Lol always bring so many good vibes. Agree to disagree that that lsu team was poor, I'd say they played Alabama pretty tough

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I agree with the fact if we had those guys who got injured we would have probably finished 9-3. I don't think the pollsters care but I think we sneak in based on the fact no one predicted we win.


Lsu was a good team with a great defense and we moved it on them really well. I'd put us 20-25 because I saw teams like Kansas state that Norte dame would have killed. The big 12 and acc are weak conferences too but I think the bowl win helps our ranking going into next year.

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