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Malik to start

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Awesome. This threat needed to be there all season. There had to be ramifications for Golson's awful play. I still can't figure out why Redfield and Shumate got benched but Golson didn't.


I still hope Golson can pull it together for next season. He has to tools to be elite, we just can't have the elite turnover machine he turned into.

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I would imagine Kelly talked to Zaire/Golson as to what effect this has going into the 2015 season, but really, why would Golson not transfer? can Golson transfer and still play his senior season? if Golson isn't assured he would be the starter in 2015 he might as well leave.


should anyone read into this about Kelly and HIS intentions for the 2015 season? lets say Kelly has intention/thoughts on leaving, he wouldn't care what effect this had for Golson/Zaire in 2015.

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I see it as a way of Kelly keeping Zaire around.


Zaire has a great game - will go into next season confident he will be a starter (and stay at ND).


Zaire has a crap game - will put the blame on himself and it will be tougher for him to transfer (given his performance - and stay at ND)


Golson is not going anywhere. He has played terrible this season and his only hope is redemption at ND next year...

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Malik gets 1st start vs LSU in a bowl game...lol.


Buckle up!


It should be interesting. I'm still of the opinion that this should have happened weeks ago once it became clear that Golson was struggling and the playoffs were obviously out of the picture. This should give us a good idea of what Zaire has to offer.


At least we might have a better idea of what we have to work with going into next season and it may open the competition more if starting Zaire doesn't work out well. Regardless, I do believe it should be a completely open competition in the spring.

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right. first start vs. a <i>very good</i> defense under the bright lights. I guess we're going to see what Malik's got - LSU's D is legit.


Ohio State's third string QB started a much bigger game against Wisconsin than this game represents. So much more on the line in that game.


LSU has a good D, no doubt. Tough game to make as your first start. But if OSU's third stringer can start and win a game that the entire season rests upon, I'll bet Malik can summon up a good performance.


In my opinion it will come down to the game plan. Don't ask him to do too much too soon. Build the game around the QB on the field rather than force the QB to do things he's not ready or able to do.

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