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A 49ers insider said yesterday on Twitter that BK is a "definite name to watch" for their HC spot.


Around the time Jack Arute made his comments on his radio show, a friend told me he heard some rumors that BK would be pursued by Oakland.

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I certainly understand that unrest about BK... but people need to seriously step back and look at the coaching landscape and ask "Which coach, that would actually make the move the ND, will be better than BK?"


Looking at Michigan's HC search, I've been wondering if ND would be an appealing job for a home-run hire... and I honestly don't think it would be if BK leaves, especially if he's fired. BK is respected in the coaching circles. I think a lot of potential candidates would ask themselves "if BK couldn't do it, would I be able to?"


I think ND needs BK to have another 2012 before he jumps ship, otherwise his counterparts will not view ND as a place where a coach can sustain success.


This is much bigger than Brian Kelly calling poor plays or mismanaging personnel. This is about what will be perceived of the job if he were to bolt.


BK needs to stay.

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