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Gary Anderson leaves Wisconsin for Oregon St

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Well as the resident Badger grad, this came as a pretty big shock though there is a rumor floating around Paul Chryst was a possible for Nebraska but declined interest as there was "smoke" out of Madison. Unsubstantiated other than a tweet but still...GA never quite fit it and when the chance to go back West became available, he grabbed it. While Chryst seems logical, there is also some thought to Golden. Our AD offered the job to him post Bielema but he turned him down. He is considered a favorite again so time will tell. As far as the academics, while we do have excellent academics, it should not have been an excuse and this years class is a pretty good, diverse national group. He wasn't beloved but most likely the lousy QB management and responsibility for the LSU loss factored in more than the loss to Ohio State.

As a public institution, nothing will happen for 2 weeks as State law requires the job to be posted though Alvarez was quoted as saying he expects the new hire by Christmas. And no, there has been ZERO mention of Pelini nor will there be...he made quite a fool of himself while getting blown out last month and the video board kept showing him screaming at everyone and becoming a national joke. Pelini to scUM will happen before Wisconsin.

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