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ND vs. UGA in Belk?

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Will we have half our defense back by then? If so, I say bring it. More bodies and we should be healthier. Rotate the guys in and pin their ears back.


Day, Riggs, and maybe (very maybe) Redfield. Gurley and/or Chubb would take the Heisman from Mariota.

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Why not you boys want to play big boy football. If you want BK fired this will help the cause. I say schedule it, get a few guys back healthy. Worst that can happen is we get the hell beat out of us, no different than the last half of the season. Schedule the hardest game and see what our boys and coach got.

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Any bowl projection for ND is a fart in the wind. ACC tier 1 pools are having a lottery to see who gets us. We'll find out Sunday. Like it or not, declining a bowl invite is not on the table.


Belk vs. SEC

Gator vs. SEC

Sun vs. Pac12


Auburn, Georgia, A&M, Missouri, LSU all possible opponents. Outside chance it's South Carolina.


If Sun wins we get Utah because the other options are rematches ASU, Stanford, USC


Pinstripe is reportedly not in the lottery.

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