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Notre Dame Close to Offering 2015 JUCO RB

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He will OV for the banquet. And IMO of course JUCOs should be allowed at ND if they qualify. They make the grade, they deserve a chance. Their initial decision to attend JUCO may not have been academically related, though most are related.

is taking a JUCO really that much different then bringing in cody riggs.

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It's kinda funny that some of you can tell me what BK had for breakfast this morning....but not many understand that ND currently does accept JUCOs.


I'm sure the school does. It's just so infinitely rare (when was the last time it happened in football?) that it's shocking to hear. We rarely take transfers. Now we're taking a JUCO transfer? Crazy rare!

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<iframe src='//www.hudl.com/embed/athlete/4249079/highlights/207959396' width='640' height='360' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe>

After watching that pass blocking on his first clip, I completely understand why BK is interested. Of the 10 most important attributes in a BK RB, 9 of them are pass blocking.

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Searching for info on him found this: his family is coming with him for the visit. They are most interested in the academic side; His dad loves ND; Was raised in a military family -- yes sir, nor sir environment; strong values; has always had 3.0 or better average and fell through the cracks in Louisiana high schools circles because there were so many good players his senior year; went the JUCO route to prove he could play with the big boys rather than take a lesser offer.

What's not to like? Sign me up for this guy!

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