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Hoke out

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Hackett formally announced his decision to fire the Wolverines' head coach shortly after Hoke shared the news with his team Tuesday afternoon. Hoke ends his four-year tenure in Ann Arbor with a 31-20 record. Hackett said the universal respect players and peers held for Hoke made his choice a difficult one.




Stinks, they may actually find a real coach now.

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And in other news.....today, Rich Rod was named coach of the Pac 12.


Rich Rod was a borderline basket case when he was fired from Michigan. He looked defeated, dazed and was playing Josh Groban and crying at the football banquet. Glad he was able to get a second chance and turn things around.


Back to Hoke...he descended quickly. Went 11-2 his first year and beat ND, OSU, and Virg Tech in Sugar Bowl. Named Big Ten coach of year. Then just downhill....

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His entire career up to this point has been in or near Michigan. He'd be an interesting 3rd option.








I've always thought they'd be in on him, but i'm up in MI and the prevailing sentiment (i mean, PREVAILING) is that Kelly would never go to UM. The consensus is that he was always that catholic kid that was going to be at ND. So, it just doesn't seem likely to happen, though there are obvious complements.

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