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ND/usc Predictions

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usc has the athletes on offense to literally run/throw all over this Irish D. They also have some elite defensive players to crack ND's oline and cover ND's receivers. This is a game where ND NEEDS to control the clock, and do what they can to wear usc out, who actually has depth problems as bad, or worse, than ND does. I have absolutely no faith in BK right now that he designs a game plan to do this.



Hopefully Golson comes out on fire and doesn't turn the ball over.

Hopefully Folston continues to dominate and run with a mission.

Hopefully Bryant gets 10 carries and runs as peaved off as he has to feel.

Hopefully this young D-line plays with fire and isn't manhandled by usc's young line.

Hopefully Redfield and Shumate play as peaved off as they have to feel.

Hopefully ND uses Robinson in the red zone.


Hopefully the Irish find a way to pull this out.


I'll convince myself that they do...

ND 35

usc 34

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