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ND/louisville predictions

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I don't remember seeing a prediction thread for last week or this week..


The first time I saw louisville play this year, I told my boys that ND would struggle with them, and that was early in the year. They have an athletic defensive team, a great receiver and a pretty good running back. Add that up and that spells disaster for ND. louisville is playing with their back-up freshman quarterback, but he has played quite a bit already and they had a week off to prep him against ND's lowly D.


Everything in this game points to louisville. If ND doesn't hold on to the ball, they could seriously get embarrased as louisville won't hesitate to run the score up.


Rocket's banner is inspiring me....I am going to keep the faith....for this week.

ND comes out inspired, only commits one turnover and pulls this out 34-31.


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ND has basically two defensive starters left that were starters at the beginning of the year. ND also turns the ball over at an astonishing clip, which we all know. And the Cards have a pretty good RB which ND has shown in recent games not to be able to defend very well. Golson's pretty flakey and Louisville's got an All World-Beater DB & there's practically zero confidence in ND's coaching. That is why I think ND is going to win. They've lost in incredible fashion. Two of the losses were almost improbable, and the other one, came down to 2014's latest reffing trend of calling OPI. Given all of that nonsensensical malarkey that it took for ND to lose, I'm picking ND to win the game--because nobody's that unlucky. And if ND manages to pee on their legs/arms/torso/feet/face/eyeballs/ears & bellybuttons once again, you can find me in my post apocalyptic bunker with a bunch of honeybaked hams...

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