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Kelly blew this One

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Where are all the Kelly TrueFans right now? Turnovers, undisciplined play, mid boggling play calling...not a well coached team. The guy can recruit, but he calls a game like a blind squirrel. Home loss to Northwestern. Let that sink in for a few minutes Kelly homers the next time you decide to call someone out for questioning Kelly...


That was utterly disgraceful.

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We will lose the last 2 no doubt. This team is hard to support they are lazy and careless. 7 and 5 we finish. Just another weis year. Not worth watching anymore...the bad part is it like a wreck you don't want to look but you can't help it.

I am being very subdued right now but I would ****ing go of on Kelly right now. This team is weak and careless. They have know direction. They are lost. Plane and simple.

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it is on coaching and the players.


BK made his mistakes.


but he didn't make Golson fumble inside the 5.

didn't make Chris brown fumble at goalline.

didn't make cam fumble either.


Lost all faith in Kelly, absolutely disgusted with this loss. Surely we can find a coach, anybody, who dosen't **** away games like kelly.

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