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Has Whitfield damaged Golson?

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There was mention by somebody I ran into after the game, who was right behind the bench, that when BK approached EG on a few occasions, that EG was ignoring coach & that his demeanor seems rather disrespectful. I haven't seen this, but it has been bugging me all week. Is there any substance to this? Is it personal frustration?

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I think it is more "Coach I know, I don't want to hear it right now" and frustration. Look I know BK through what I have heard from former GVS players, if Golson was disrespectful he would be on the bench, crying to his momma, and transferring because Kelly would be on his as s daily.

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so where do you get the whitfield thing from?




maybe there is a connection being made here that doesn't exist/doesn't make sense.



Sorry, i wasn't specific i n saying that the guy i was talking to suggested it may have been whitfield.

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Careful - this is the same guy that foretold the Gunner Kiel transfer by the way he held his clipboard on the sideline!:ranger:


That's what I was referring to..


It was pep rally. My degree in applied social science continues to pay huge dividends...8-)
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