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I'm royally pissed about FSU's blatant disregard for doing what's right...

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By 8:00 tomorrow night I'm going to be climbing the walls...ready to punch Renegade the horse in the throat...


I absolutely KNOW our guys are going to be foaming at the mouth to get on that field...not the same feeling I had against Alabama at all...probably because our kids are so young that I don't think they'll be flustered by the atmosphere which is going to be electric...


The spirit moved me Wednesday. We are going to win.


P.S.: I apologize to all animal lovers, I really don't mean that Renegade deserves a throat chop...I hope he sh!ts himself on the FSU sideline...

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We're down 5 players because we have integrity..

That shitstain will still be on the field because they are hanging on for dear life.


If CBK doesn't use this for motivation, I would be very surprised.


Too bad there's a minimum number of characters to post cuz all i need to saybis "this^"

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I am so pumped... I have no clue how im going to make it to 8pm


No doubt!!!! I'm going with the wife to a chili cookoff during the afternoon and she wondered if I could watch the game there at her BF's house, I said no way as there will probably be language unsuitable for the little kids that will be there. So lots of different chili and lots of beer before heading home for the game. Gonna be on edge all day until kickoff!!!!

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