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Jameis--How do we stop him

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Probably the best way to stop him is to put him in an orange jump suit and hand cuff him while throwing him in the slammer. But that is not going to happen. Florida State has become the evil empire much like Miami was back in the 80's. Jamies will be protected no doubt.


After watching our game against North Carolina he must be chomping at the bit. He may decide to run with the ball much more than in games past as it looks like the parting of the Red Sea when our linebackers are off chasing some potential receiver.


This game scares me, but I know it is a game we can win. They don't have the same defense they had last year and the offense is surely missing that 6' 5'' receiver.


I know it can be done, but Brian Van Gorder needs to do the best job of coaching ever in order to contain this freak of an athlete.


How about Jaylon spying him on a lot of the snaps. We must get to him early and often. Not feeling this game, at least not yet. We were exposed yesterday, but that might be a good thing. Golson must take care of the ball this coming Saturday or we will lose.

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The great thing is he's not going to try to beat you with his feet like Williams did. And that's what really hurt us. I don't have the stats but take away Williams yards or at least 2/3's of it and you'll have What Winston's run total probably be against us. Then look at NC's yards and ypc for that game and we held NC to under a hundred yards rushing with probably 2.0 ypc.(I'm not a statistician but I think I'm close). Basically, FSU offense won't be like NC's fast paced line up and call hike before the defense is ready. They are a huddle team with better athletes but I think they play into our hands. They shouldn't be able to run on us with or without Karlos Williams and Jameis will be a statue with our pass rush.

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I'm not so much worried about Jameis. I'm worried about 4 WRs and having to cover two with Butler and Schumate.


Butler had two PIs two blown 3 rd downs in front of him and coversge on the TD to Williams. Schumate lost coverage last week on the bonmb at the end against Stanford (thankfully overthrown). Schumate also had multiple blown coverages yesterday.


We need better coverage out of these two. I think Jimbo saw this and is licking his chops.

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I think if we played them at home or a neutral site we'd win this game 4/10 times. Winston has made a some mistakes this year and if Golson doesn't turn the ball over ND is definitely capable of beating them.


Side note: I have never wished for anyone to be injured during a football game until now. I hope Jaylon Smith and company tear a least three limbs from Jameis Winston's rapey body.

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Unfortunately--I don't think we actually can stop him Oklahoma----best bet is to contain him---I would like to see us put our scheme and energy toward STOPPING THE RUN --both his backs and of course THE QB RUNS that murdered us so bad......


Make them one dimensional---Winston is so tall and big and gets rid of the ball so fast--I would NOT feature the blitz---play coverage and stop the run and expect that to SLOW them down.....


The GOOD PART is that they don't feature that frantic up tempo that confused us so badly their defense IS NOT Stanford so they should have trouble stopping us as well.






Look to win this game 35-31


That's our best shot IMO.



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I think we use Jaylon as a spy, I think BVG will have something planned though.


This might be the game where not having Russell and Daniels will hurt us but we'll find out soon enough.


With Butler struggling I say we put Farley in a little more it seemed like he was in the doghouse.

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He's a passer then can run like Golson.


So we make him move his feet when he does not want to.


Much different player and scheme then North Carolina.


We match up better with FSU scheme and tempo wise...


^^^^This. Although I'm very concerned with the lack of consistency thus far and yesterday was hard to swallow, you can't sit back and compare wins/losses, its about matchups.


Was arguing this with a friend today who says that FSU will win by 10+ based on what UNC did yesterday and that ND "hasn't played anyone" (which is not altogether wrong). FSU will not score as many points as UNC did regardless of how the points are scored.


Not making excuses as I'm critical of ND (more in my mind than on here) but ND will be up for this game like they were not yesterday. ND has a tendency to do this over the past few years; playing up to good competition and down to bad.


I also think KR's departure probably had a negative effect on the team as well, combined with coming off a big win against Stanford (anyone remember the game after OU in 2012?)


I'm not sure we're a playoff caliber team, and there were some concerns from yesterday's game as well as throughout the year, but I think we show up big for this game.


In short, this game will be nothing like what happened yesterday.

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