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entire season on DVD

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Funny thing is, I still have every game including the Onward To Victory show still on my DVR. (missing the final OT with PITT) I have no clue how to record them onto a DVD. It's a Comcast DVR.


Easier thing to do is to learn how to use torrents and sign up for Ten Yard Torrents...someone DE-commercializes and rips the game for you...right to hard drive and then burn your own dvd...

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I would have loved if they put all the ICON videos on there from before the game, half time, and after the game. Also, why didn't they wait until after we won the Natty? I will hold off and see what happens.


totally agree with this. ALL the icon videos. all the extras, the BCS game, etc. for $100


I, too, have all the games and extras ON DVR. but running out of space fast. And can't miss recording HOMELAND!!

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Does anyone have a link or the contact info for the guy/site that has all the historical ND games on dvd? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


Art McDermott...not sure how accurate or up to date this is, but this is what I have:


Art McDermott has DVD copies of most Notre Dame games from 1971-current. For information on available games on DVD just write to Art at dhbs769@hotmail.com or give him a call at 978-454-1428.


What games are you looking for? I have almost every win from 1988 to present save for a couple I'm missing between 1990-1992.


As an addition, if people order games from Art that I'm missing, I'll give three games in return in trade...

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