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If you had to choose four players...

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1) Everett Golson

2) Manti Te'o

3) Louis Nix

4) Braxton Cave (little biased...I played center and we never get enough credit lol)


Hard to imagine Manti being number 2 but our team last year would have been very good if we would have had this years Everett playing...Defense is more of a team aspect but what KLM Nix and Tuitt do is unreal...they are the real buliding block of this team and I selected the middle man to put in there....our corners need to be recognized, but them not being "good" was more speculation than reality...Motta has played excellent this season and deserves recognition...Our Oline has been better than expected and I put Cave up there to show it

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1. Te'o

For the stuff he brings to this team that you can't see on film. You can't measure it. There are key on-field guys we need, of course. But it ALL starts with Manti.


2. Nix

He stuffs the middle so well. And really makes teams think about abandoning the run. The Pitt game for one, it shows, and the one play he had to come out during the goal line stand against Stanford. And then look at his amazingly fast penetration on the USC stand.


3. Golson

He's advanced so much, and still has room to grow. No more defenses just dropping eight guys and making Tommy pick apart offense. He brings such a bigger level of diversity to the offense to run so many more things. But I'm not discovering anything new here.


4. Eifert/Riddick

Ok, I might be cheating here, but I hate leaving guys out (tuitt, motta, andy O-lineman). But these two deserve to be in here. Riddick ran so damn hard all year and made my dad tell me "guess you were right." See, when Theo was first at Notre Dame wearing 32 I believe, I told my dad, he's gonna be really good, has that Reggie Bush type shiftiness (OK, maybe he isn't reggie). Fast forward and we never really got a chance to see him shine super bright until now (playing WR and injuries). After his first full season at RB, we see his hard nose approach to the position (BYU run, ALL OF USC GAME, whoa!). But Eifert was one of the great guys blocking. Someone who is an amazing pass catcher still made touchdowns and key first downs all over the field.

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No order:


1)Manti Te'o

His leadership, his abilities, his heart. He committed himself to drop weight in the offseason and it showed with his quickness being an absolute freak all over the field. His courage and heart throughout the season considering what he endured was contageous and cannot go unnoticed. We're not undefeated without Te'o. He is our MVP. He is the heart and soul of the team. He's helped wake up the echoes.


2)Louis Nix

I think we all fully understood just how impactful Nix is to our team during the Pitt game. We're a great team without him, but without Irish Chocolate's talents clogging up the middle, our defense just isn't the same. I'm sure it helps a lot to have a guy like Big Lou in the locker room as well with his sense of humor.


3)Everett Golson

Think of it this way: without Golson's natural talents, we wouldn't be in the title game. Rees is a damn good pre-snap QB and his talents were definitely needed throughout the season, but Golson's escapability and legs helped us win games against the likes of Oklahoma. He showed gutsiness all season in huge road games. He grew as a leader(Pitt, anyone?), overcame some small adversity (Michigan game) and has emerged as our man.


4)Zeke Motta

There are so many deserving guys to be on this list, but I had to go with Motta. You cannot deny the kind of leadership he's had this year. With a very depleted secondary, his leadership has been a huge deal. With young pups like Russell and Farley as the "next men in" Motta has kept the secondary sharp all season. Obviously, Russell, Farley and the rest of the young guys deserve credit too, but Motta had a lot to do with the secondary keeping guys in position and playing well above what most thought all season.

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Te'o - Heart of the entire team

Riddick - Ran hard and made crucial plays for us

Martin - Anchored the the Left side and blew people up all year

Russell - Held his own and proved that being athletic, confident and smart can overcome lack of experience in the position.

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