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Diaco / Cincy? Not worried, just wondering...

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From my total uninformed opinion, this seems like a plausible destination versus say, BC. I think he was the DC there in '09 and has some familiarity (possibly good & bad) with the program.


Not sure there have been any candidates announced now that Butch Jones is at Tenn, but I think this might be one to watch...



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it's been a good stepping stone the last decade:


Butch Davis - Tennessee

Brian Kelly - Notre Dame

Mark Dantonio - Michigan State


With that said, Kelly leaving was messier than it should have been.


How so?


I thought the departure was fine.. Obviously it's working out for us..


I realize it could have been better, but I feel like he handled it well. He told his players face to face - man to man what was happening.


Look at Todd Graham, lol. That was a total dick move.


When programs like Cinci have their coach leave, it's going to have more of a negative impact on the players. Cinci was a quality school that relied on kids that were looked over by the big schools.. They inherently had a chip on their shoulder... Add in the fact they were undefeated and you have a powder keg.


Look at the smaller schools reactions when coaches get poached.. They're almost always like, We wish him the best yada yada.. as if they knew it was going to happen.

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