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Heisman order..

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So, for the most part, I've heard everyone's thoughts on this year's Heisman race.. But I'm yet to see anyone's definitive list..


So.. After much deliberation.. I'm going :


1. 5

2. Manziel

3. Klein


...calling all predictors.


i agree with this order - strangely, i have a good feeling about this...

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I think this is the way most of the voters see this........1/Teo's got this and ultimately won over the majority Top player on top team 2/Johnny Football did a wonderfull job yet he is a system guy that got beat twice and he's got three more years.........3 / Klein blew it he had it wrapped up

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If there were ever a year to give it to a defensive player that personifies was the Heisman is supposed to represent ahtletically, academically and in communally, this is the year.


I don't think there is a truly dominant offensive player nominated. The best offensive player, in my opinion, is Marquise Lee.


Regardless, Injust can't see the voters doing it (Manti). Johnny Appleseed will win.

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I think the vote will be closer than expected because there's this wildcard of early voters.


If the early voters were mostly pre-Bama... i could see the rundown as


1. Klein

2. flavor of the month

3. Manti


Was Manziel even in the conversation then?


If Manziel is left off a bunch of ballots, he won't get those points.


Manziel Heisman hype didn't really go into overdrive until a week or two after the Bama win.


Regardles... it's a retarded system when you can vote before the season even ends.

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