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Bret Bielema leaving Wisconsin for Arkansas

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Not really. The big 10 sucks and the SEC offers more opportunities for advancement.


I suppose. But Arkansas is in a division with TAMU, Alabama and LSU. The B1G leaders division(I think that's the one...) Is Wisky, tOSU, Sanctioned PSU and a glut of garbage. Beat tOSU and you get a shot at the Rose Bowl. Plus Diaco could end up in wisconsin...



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Where is he going to advance to from going to the Rose Bowl every year?? He isn't going to compete with Alabama and LSU and Florida for NCs as long as Saban' date=' Miles, and Muschamp are there.[/quote']


Lol with osu coming off sanctions and Michigan hauling in amazing recruiting classes, I'd hardly call the rose bowl a done deal for wisky...


Arkansas can thrive (at least remain competitive) with Bama, LSU, and UF with the right coach. It will certainly define his next move....

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