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Top 3 Unsung Heroes

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Every successful team seems to have at least 3 guys who stepped up that you were not expecting


My 3 are:


1. KeiVarae Russell

2. Danny Spond

3. Matthias Farley




For some some reason I've felt the need to post a link to this somewhat sappy Country Song to this thread, but these guys were the definition of an underdog in football this year. Whether its a freshman starting, a guy who fought through illness or a guy who switched positions and then started and then broke his hand but still started..




shots and disses on my song choice are welcome as long as they don't get too personal:)


Share your Unsung Heroes list too please!!

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1. Keivare Russell - position switch to area of desperate need; should be Frosh AA

2. Tommy Rees - came in when needed, mentored Golson. No Rees, no 12-0

3. Zeke Motta - Slaughter goes down, Zeke steps up. Gets DBs in right places, hits hard.

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1. KeiVarae Russell - switches positions due to injuries, thrown into the fire as a true freshmen and does a quality job at a difficult position as CB is a huge transition from HS ball to CFB.


2. Mike Golic Jr. - Looked terrible at times early in the season, but the second half of the season he has done well. Golic has had some quality blocks on a lot of clutch runs against some great teams. Arguably our best pulling linemen.


3. Sheldon Day/Tony Springmann - A huge question coming into the season was our DL depth. Lynch transfers and Hounshell has season ending shoulder surgery. Who steps up to give Nix/KLM/Tuitt some rest? Day and Springmann both have done well, Day especially as a true freshmen has show some flashes. Day will only get better as he is going to get a lot faster, stronger, and quicker as he gets more time with Longo. Springmann has also been very solid, more of a run stuffer than a pass rusher, but also huge in helping our defense stay fresh and dominant.

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Technically it goes beyond three but...


1: The entire secondary. Everyone raves about our front seven but under the circumstances, our safeties and cornerbacks on the whole performed well above expectations. Russell was an emergency plug in as was Farley. Jackson was a previously converted WR and pretty much an unknown. Young guys stepped in and made significant contributions. In preseason I was biting my nails over the secondary but by midseason, it was the first time it almost became an afterthought for me since 2002.


2: Rees. I've been down on him in the past like many people but we would not be undefeated and in the position we're in without his contributions.


3: Goodman. Relatively few receptions but just about every one had some significance.

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Tommy Rees.....never stopped believing in him. Thought he did a GREAT job as a closer. As pointed out earlier, without him, I doubt ND is undefeated.


TJ Jones.....He's been clutch, made some great catches in key situations.


Secondary......They were perhaps the biggest question mark on the defense. It took a couple of games, but they got us believing they could handle the position and help this team win....and they did.

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Tommy "I am Legend" Rees...without his acceptance and embracement of his role the enchanted season could have been disaster.


Carlo Calabrese...last season he was in and out of the line up. At times it looked like he couldn't play. Arrest over summer with "The Legend"...doghouse to making the most stop memorable stop in Irish history.


Kyle Brinza...despite some nervousness he has made some BIG time kicks!


Go Irish!

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Thinking about this question together with the vast amount of exposure this team received, it seems that very few players have been unsung. Davonte Neal perhaps... some of the ST guys, especially those walk-ons... Slaughter since his injury (he did after all contribute to this undefeated season)... Coaches Elston, Denbrock, and Cooks... graduate assistants and other "minor" staff members (like David Grimes)... guys who are vital to the scout team...

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1. Zeke Motta - Shored up a young secondary and brought the wood with every hit.

2. K. Russell - Took on the position without fear and improved every game. A great tackler and wouldnt let them break free even if he got beat.

3. Tommy "The Closer" - As others have said, without him we dont go 12-0. The most valuable contribution he made to the team was his class, dignity, resolve and acceptance of his role without ego. He is what being an ND football player is all about.

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