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Eddie Vanderdoes DT CA (USC Commit)

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Apparently the 5 star DT used to be in touch with the staff before his commit to USC--we reached out and he showed some interest---staff then moved very quickly and will be making an in-home visit tonight--boom---


This is a bit out of the blue but the staff is clearly enjoying recruiting as the #1 team and is willing to go the extra mile to reciprocate interest.


Vanderdoes says if things go well ND could get an official---


Staff is opening doors not closing them---like the attitude, go after some big fish and who knows---



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Seems like a # of high profile kids with ND interest at this point and only a few spots left....guess that's a very good problem to have.


However ND chooses to fill their remaining spots, it looks like it will be with highly rated guys....just a matter of what position they play.

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Denbrock just had an in home meeting with Vanderdoes attempting to get an official out of him. Also, Washington is visiting him. I wonder if Kiffin is caring about this at all. Either way, Vanderdoes is bigtime. Perfect 3-4 nose tackle. This would be a legendary flip if the staff could pull this off.

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