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Wittek to Start for injured Barkley

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To say nothing about the game, it sucks he got hurt, especially given that his line couldn't block 3 guys with 5. He actually seems like a pretty stand-up guy from his interviews. I hope he has a quick and full recovery.


You mean the guy who publicly called the irish "quitters" after the loss last year? F him. I'll never forget.

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The only thing that makes me sad about this is the lost opportunity to hand him his fifth loss of the senior year from hell. He can shove that right into his big fat mouth and chew....next time he wants to opine on people quitting he should just shut up until looooooooong after his playing days are over. Karma's a bitch sometimes...


Barkley is going to end up exactly like Leinhart and Sanchez....middle of the road placeholders while their teams build up to the realization that they still need a real QB to make it over the top...


Arizona already ditched Lienhart in favor of Warner to make their only Super Bowl...

The Jets will eventually cut Mark Sanchez loose (today's result not withstanding) eventually...

Barkley will be the next one....hopefully he ends up in Seattle with the Poodle...

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called a sprained shoulder. The only reason I kinda buy this injury is because these guys seem to care so much more about their NFL stock, than USC and with last week's loss they can't play for a conference title..

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That was him? Shit, I didn't know that. I was thinking it was a d-lineman or something.


Previous statement retracted.


That's because it was both Barkley and Galippo who called ND quitters. In post game interviews, Galippo was more offensive about it, but Barkley chose to go the same route instead of side-stepping the question.

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