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Zack Martin 5th Year

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Pete Sampson is reporting that Martin leaning now towards returning to Notre Dame for a 5th season. Obviously, this would be great news for the offense next year as know doubt he's an asset for sure. Hope he comes back.


I don't know if returning will necessarily help his draft stock, but maybe that isn't what he's thinking about.


I agree it'd definitely be huge for him to return. He'd really help solidify the offensive line with Cave (and I guess Golic) leaving.

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A lot of people pointed to NEXT year as THE year. I always thought it was this year.... Manti, Eifert, KLM, Cave, Watt, Martin all looked to be out the door.(if you wanna be a stickler, Golic jr too) I mean we were looking at 4 new starters on the offensive line next year

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so who are the expected starters if both martin and watt come back? i have 6 guys mentioned for 5 spots: hegarty, lombard, n. martin, z. martin, stanley, and watt. just wondering.


Left to Right:


Z. Martin, Watt, Hegarty, N. Martin, Lombard


There's a CHANCE we see someone else lining up at center if Hegarty continues to get reps at tackle (he played there in the Miami game during mop up time; has the versatility to play just about any position). Maybe Hanratty gets in the mix at C, maybe even Heggie.


Stanley projects to be our 1st tackle off the bench; Hanratty projects to be our first interior lineman off the bench. Admittedly, it's early guesswork, but we'll see what transpires over spring ball and where these guys' bodies are.

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