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Love/Hate game

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Love the defense

Hate the offense

Love how people jump on the Kelly bandwagon when we're winning

Hate how quick people are to jump off mid-game

Love how the crowd got into it when we pulled back ahead

Hate how poorly we get plays in from the sidelines


Absolutely hate that last one. Experienced QB or new guy, doesn't matter, we will wait until 6 seconds on the clock to finally get the play in and end up having to call a TO. This is why I was a HUGE proponent of the armbands we wore a few weeks ago, or even the fricking goofy signs on the sidelines from Tommy's first frosh year.


There has to be a better way of getting plays into our offense/QB than having three red hats flashing gang signs for 30 seconds in an attempt to hide our play calling from our opponent. Newsflash BK if our QB is taking a snap from under the center, we are running the ball. If we are shotgunning the snap, we are passing. DUH. I don't care if the offensive armbands aren't what you used to, in a very hostile and noisy environ like MSU this year, it can pay dividends for a QB to just look at the damn arm band for the play quickly, instead of interpreting the hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil gang.

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Love the three-headed RB rotation and how RBs have accepted roles.

Love closing out games on the ground, consistently.

Love Spond at Dog.

Love leaning on that feeling that your team will pull it out.

Love that I have not looked at the Recruiting board in 3 months.

Love being 7-0.


Hate threads about ESPN and Mark May

Hate BK's tendency to go turtle on O

Hate ND's uber-safe punt coverage, as if the opponent will fake on 4th-13.

Hate how ND has abandoned screen game, bubble or otherwise.

Hate filing an APB on Ishaq Williams.

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Hate the play-calling.

Hate the "EG will play" BS when he doesnt (and should have)

Hate the focus on Eifert.

Hate the pathetic OL play


Love the fact that we somehow find a way to win.


lol, 4 hates... 1 love... typical Echo... after a win


I feel like I am picking on you, but dont agree with any of your points either:

1. what was wrong about the play-calling? It seems to be a common complaint during the game when we arent winning by as much as people want.

2. Kelly was being safe, you know, protecting a kid's health

3. Eifert is our biggest weapon and made huge catch after huge catch for us, I wish Golson would throw it up to him more often like Rees does

4. We ran for 270yards...

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Love that Golic will be graduating this year and won't be on the line next year

Hate that we'll lose his sense of humour in the dressing room


Hahah I agree


Love that ND is 7-0

Hate that I have mild heart attacks every Saturday


Also whats up with the incorrect spelling of humor ? Also Favorite?? I have seen that butchered as well. Must be a Canada thing. Oh Well ! Love ya Rocket !

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I Loved this Game!


I loved that we came out flat as could be!

I loved the defense gave up two scores putting us behind!

I loved Tommy throwing a pick deep on our side!

I loved BYU came to play so hard!

I loved Golson had to rest another week!

I loved Tommy had only one completion from the 1st quarter until deep in the 4th!

I loved Brindza blowing two easy FGs!

I loved that we were overdue for a loss--way overdo!

I loved that Riley Nelson played about as good as he can!

I loved The offense started the second half Anemic & behind!

I loved the ridiculous TD call on replay despite the obvious grounder!




I loved all that---because this game had LOSS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!






Whats not to love



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