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Our Running game is coming along

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We all knew this team can run on helpless defenses in Navy and Miami, but I think this O-Line (and RBs) are really starting to show the type of rushing attack we all thought it would be going into the season.


With facing the number 6 (Stanford) and number 3 (BYU) rushing defenses, we have run for a combined for 420 yards on the ground (150 vs. Stanford and 270 vs. BYU).


I think this team is proving that they can run on anyone..ESPECIALLY in the second half, and DOUBLE ESPECIALLY in the 4th quarter.


Lastly, a big reason why this team just starts to run through teams in the 4th quarter (this is even including Michigan, MSU, and Purdue games) is because of the 3 headed monster at RB in Theo Riddick, Cierre Wood, and George Atkinson III

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Absolutely correct on all points! When we out rush our opponents we are winning 99% of the time.


Running the ball gives the D more time to rest between series. It also eats up so much clock in critical situations. And it really inspires confidence in an OL when you are just mauling the DL across from you over and over again.


I don't like finesse football, and would rather watch an offense drive the ball down an opponents throat and impose their will.

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That was a good run defense we ran all over today too.


we've laid the wood on a few teams now on the ground and when we seem to really need it, we get big plays or big gains with the run.


Gotta give our new offensive line coach Harry Hiestand a ton of credit. He doesn't have elite talent at a couple of key spots but as a unit this group has been solid and in my mind, a bit overlooked.


I know some people questioned the hire but he's proving to be a wise addition.


And he's doing well on the recruiting front as well.

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A large caveat, however. We cannot run very well in the redzone.


I that's what I hoping may change in the immediate future. The plays with GAIII as the motion slot, forced the defense to have to account for two dangerous runners and the chance of misdirection. That was a great TD by GAIII and a really good play call IMO there.

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A large caveat, however. We cannot run very well in the redzone.


true...that's where I think we need to go into a manblocking scheme where the OLine just drives the pile back


We're good punching it in from 3 yards out.


But anything between the 10 and 5 yard line, we always seem to go backwards on the next play


When Riddick got caught from behind at like the 10, I was thinking "crap, we're going to have to settle for a FG"

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It looks like this team will exceed my preseason pick of averaging 190 YPG.


We are right at 196.5 which ranks us 33rd.


I'd be shocked if we don't average 250 the next four weeks.


USC is our toughest rush defense ranking 29th. Followed by Pitt at 43rd, Wake at 81 and BC at 122.


Only if we decide to all the sudden become pass happy will we not break 200 in any of those games.

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Just wanted to bring this up again...after putting up 215 yards on OU, it seems like the running game is more than coming along, The team has proven it can get the running game going with the best of them


Tough to tell for sure what the catalyst was, but the bye week sure seemed to help the new blocking scheme, though they are getting big runs with power as well.


Also, Golson has been much more active in the running game. He's getting around 50 a game the last 3 starts, not to mention what he opens up on the zone read for the back who gets the ball.


Lastly, Golson is starting to come around as a passer. That softens things up as well.


Most impressive? Two of those efforts were against top 10 run defenses.

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