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Question about attending a Notre Dame game.

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Hello everyone,


I am pumped up for the game and ready for us to get another W against BYU today! I am a lifelong die hard ND fan that happens to be catholic with Irish heritage (it would probably be sac-religious to not like ND football hah). Well my girlfriend of a little over a year now was a big fan of NFL football even before we started our relationship with one another. She is of Latin/Irish decent and is Catholic as well. I convinced her to give college football a try, more importantly ND football. I joked with her that I was going to tell the priest if she didn't agree to as it wouldn't be right for an Irish Catholic who likes football to not like ND football. Since she has fell in love with ND she knows some of the players, she cried listening to Manti talk about his grandmother and girlfriend passing. She coined a hilarious nick name ("Tomatillo", the Latin coming out) for her favorite dynamic duo from Hawaii, Toma and T'eo. Saturdays afternoons are our ND day jerseys and all.


Alright enough with boring you, to the question. We are both insanely busy people. I work more than full time and go to school full time as a biology major trying to earn my way into optometry school. Switched careers to a more flexible job with significantly less pay to enable this, in exchange she took on a second job to help balance our income (she is amazing like that). Well I have convinced her we need to go to a Notre Dame game. Ideally we want to go to South Bend and enjoy the experience there, but it would be hard for us to find the time to devote 3ish days away from all we have going on. The Irish play Arizona State 3 hours west of us next October in Arlington. Would we kind of taint our first ND football experience by not experiencing it in South Bend? There is so much more than just the game that we want to capture and I do not feel it would be quite the same. On the other hand it is still a Notre Dame football game, something I think we would both greatly enjoy.


Would it be worth it and why? Ready go!

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There is no other experience like going to SB for a football game. I live in mid michigan and have had the experience of seeing ND home and away. Its easier for me of course because its a three hour drive but I would say that going to my first ND game in South Bend ranks at #6, after marrying my wife and the birth of mu four kids. The away games at MSU are ok, but its 50/50. Your treated like garbage or people welcome you with open arms and tailgates. At home, it 100% ND, and the vibe is electric. So much history to be seen. It should be every Notre Dame fans Mecca. The grotto. The administration building. The basilica of the sacred heart. Too much to post as far as the buildings but there's also the game day traditions. The band playing, trumpets in the ad building and buying a steak sandwich from the campus knights of Columbus is only a fraction of what is to be experienced. Go. Go as soon az time will allow and don't convince yourself that an awy game will suffice. Words cant describe. Go IRISH.

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Personally, I'd go to a home game first.


You'll be among a ton of irish fans on ANY road game, but home is where the true heart is. To me, it's not just about the game. It's about Our Lady and Saturdays is Our Lady's lil day of honor and watching her team.


Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!

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