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Scouting BYU--What do you know

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They lost this weekend to Oregon State, a top ten team. Both schools had to start the backup quarterback. BYU lost their starter, Taysom Hill, when he took a helmet to the knee in their win against Utah State.


Evidently, BYU's backup quarterback is not a very good passer. They are relying more and more on the run. They have a very good defense against the run, but gave up over 300 yards in the air to Oregon State.


It's another good defense. We will have to play. We may, indeed, be using our back up quarterback as well. Any word on Golson. I want Golson to start. Rees is most effective if he has to come off the bench. We will win, again. These tough games really help in developing Golson. He came out in the third quarter and played well. The touchdown pass to Eifert was on the money.

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Their defense is ok, but they have played a weak schedule, our offense shouldnt have much trouble and the only way I see BYU scoring against us is when the 2nd string defense is in.


Haven't really looked at who they played and total stats. I just read on their blog how they think they have a superior defense. I certainly don't mind other people doing the research and giving us some figures. That is what I am looking for. Got some good stuff on Stanford last week. They were just what we thought they would be. I don't like playing them and I prefer a dry fast track. I think the rain helped them.

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Their defense is ok, but they have played a weak schedule, our offense shouldnt have much trouble and the only way I see BYU scoring against us is when the 2nd string defense is in.


BYU's defense is simply much better than Miami's. Now, it may not ultimately matter, but there certainly is a big difference between the two.

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best comparison I can give you is 2011 Irish.


QB Riley Nelson who has been injured(back) this year, is a more mobile Tommy Rees. Will make yards but will also throw interceptions(3 yesterday vs. Oregon State)


Taysom Hill(Andrew Hendrix) is out for the year with a knee.


WR Cody Hoffman is a 6'4 playmaker. He has good hands and is Nelsons Michael Floyd.


Top Running back was injured(broken arm) power back, name escapes me. Running game is average, not a concern



Their defense has been tough but level of competition is a question. For instance their average is 13.7 Points a game but they gave up 42 to Oregon State.


so if we play our game at home(good D, wait for Nelson to turn it over) we roll by at least 2 TD's. Don't overlook BYU though. If we come out flat or help them, they could ruin this dream season.

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WOW!! Thanks Domer Dude. I knew you were good for something!


Will you look at all the teams we play on that list. Michigan is #10. Greg Mattison is the real deal. BYU at #4. Michigan State, Oklahoma and USC all on the list. We certainly are preparing our offense against top defenses. If it doesn't kill us, it will make us tough as nails.

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And who have they played?


- A BSU team far removed from their days with The winningest QB in all of FBS history

- an FCS school (enough said)

- a Hawaii team that ranks in the 100s in every major offensive category

- a videogame-esque Washington St. team that relies on the pass; their 14th passing offense ranking still nets them 97th in total offense (last in rushing with 47 rushing yards per game)

- and Utah freakin State


ND has played

- A Navy team that ranks near the top in rushing every year (yet out rushing defense is still tops in the nation)

- a VERY physical Michigan St. team

- a big play waiting to happen in Denard Robinson

- an explosive offense in Miami (though I think we gave teams the blueprint to shut them down)

- and a VERY VERY physical Stanford team with a much better run defense (I believe we put up 150 yards rushing)


Definitely a trap game, but my point is, I believe their stats are inflated from the poor teams they face

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So I live in Utah and get BYU crammed down my throat weekly. My take is that this is going to be a big trap game and a low-scoring affair. BYU has not played the level of defense that ND brings, but the BYU defense is pretty legit against the run. ND is going to have to take it to the air a little more next week. Their LB group is pretty dang good and the team's strength is definitely the defense, which is coached by Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall.


Taysom Hill was NOT the starting QB. Riley Nelson was, and he ended up getting benched because of inconsistencies, turnovers, and purported back injuries. I have been saying this for some time since early in the season, you can't count Nelon out in spite of the team's record. Nelson came off the bench last year over Jake Heaps and led BYU to a 10-win season. He is a veteran and will bring his best on Saturday. He is mobile and he hung 300 yards on Oregon State. BYU had it tied with Oregon State through a good chunk of the second half and was within 4 points halfway through the 4th quarter before they shit the bed.


I know that Kelly will have these guys where they need to be mentally, but I would caution against taking BYU lightly. I would expect to see Notre Dame's secondary tested and I would expect BYU to challenge our O line with a lot of blitz packages after last week in order to bring a lot of pressure on Golson and/or Rees. I think ND may have to use the pass to set up the run a little more on Saturday to open this game. Lou always said that you can count on at least one game a season where the team just isn't there mentally. My biggest concern has always been this game, which is sandwiched between Stanford and Oklahoma.

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