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Dogs on Campus

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I don`t think I have ever seen a dog on campus. Why would you want to do that?


What?!? To walk him, of course. Because he's a trusted companion, I don't want to leave him home alone for 4 hours, he's a very good and mellow dog...


"Why would I want to do that?" Sheeesh.

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When I went up to Notre Dame last year, my family and I did a tour that was given by one of the students. She was telling us that it was frowned upon by walking on the grass. She was saying that the students see it as God's turf (something to that effect). I too didn't see any dogs on campus last year when I went. It may be different though when I go up there next week to see the Irish play BYU.

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Thank you for the input, especially that from IrishWarrior. Unfortunately it was too late, and Teddy stayed home.


I saw 5 dogs while on campus: I kept count.


Teddy is a Border Aussie. Beautiful dog, very sociable, smart, and well behaved. He does, however, have a ball chasing problem.






Saw some other creatures while there. My daughter and I were walking around the west side of the stadium. She sees the NBC equipment, and says, "NBC sucks." I replied, "NBC puts a lot of money into Notre Dame, and don't say 'sucks.'"


Just then this nice SUV pulls up to the curb a little bit in front of us, and these guys start piling out. I'm thinking, "who do these guys think they are?" Then one of them, a big black guy with a really thick neck, catches my eye, and gives me a look like, "who the helll is this guy?" I'm thinking, "this looks like a football player." Then I look at the short guy standing next to him. Both these guys are looking at me now like I might be dangerous (I'm not).


I realize the short guy is Doug Flutie. I'm caught completely unawares in the middle of this conversation with my daughter who is still talking. BTW, I really hope she wasn't saying "NBC sucks" at that moment.


Anyway, I point toward them, no idea why I'm pointing but it's probably because Doug's name wouldn't come to me right then, and am thinking about saying something like, "nice throw in the Liberty Bowl," but fortunately I realize how really lame that would be, so instead I just say, "good to have you guys on campus; I hope you enjoy your weekend." Then I keep walking really cool like.


Except my daughter is completely embarrassed, and she's pulling me away by my arm.


These teenage years are going to be a blast, huh?


Anyway, the moral of the story is: if I had Teddy with me, Flutie, the big guy, and I would all be best friends sharing brewskies up in the press box right about now. ;)

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