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Comparison thread ND vs Alabama

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This is through 5 games:


Pass YPG-212.8 (80th)

Rush YPG-188.2 (40th)

Scoring Offense 40.2 (20th)

Scoring defense 7.8 (1st )


Notre Dame

Pass YPG 211.00 (84th)

Rush YPG 187.4 (41st)

Scoring Offense 28.8 (62nd)

Scoring defense 7.8 (2nd)


Pretty damn close. Just thought it was interesting.

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I agree, I would say it was skewed a bit but they scored their least amount of points against Western Kentucky 35 and ole miss 33. Lol


I was going to add something similar in considering the opposition's rankings when comparing the two teams.

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yup! our strengths on defense are better suited to Alabama's offense


I'd rather play Oregon. It's suspect and gimmicky. Inject a lil Teo and it falls apart.


I think we match up better with Alabama. I know Oregon really hasn't played anyone yet but they do play really up tempo. I would not want to try to defend that offense. That offense would keep me awake at night if I was a defensive coordinator. Alabama on the other hand, you know what you are going to get from them. Line em up on both sides of the ball and just play smash mouth football and try to out will your opponent.

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