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So How Do You Guys Feel About NCAA 07?


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Bluester I got the same thing against underdogs. It's rIdiculous because I beat #8 Michigan 38-0 and lose to Fresno State.


I don't really like Legend mode. Many think they should delete it and make Dynasty twice as good.

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Guest Irish4life

ugh i hate the campus legend mode, its to plain. im too into recruiting and stuff.

i mean ive tried to think of ways to make the campus mode more fun but i cant, i mean the study and the practicing thing is kinda cool but well, thats it. then you have your games. i dont know its just to plain for me.

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Guest bluester2000

In my opinion the campus legend mode is a bit ick. I of course made my original player a QB at Notre Dame, only to find I'm automatically starting over Quinn. Why can't I sit on the bench and learn for a year?


While I'm at it, why do I have to play the entire game. MLB 06 the Show (this year's version), allows you to fast forward within a game of the character you've created to your next at bat. Why can't I just play all the offensive serieses?

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If you're playing the current-generation version, there are way too many unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and blocked field goals. I can understand a blocked field goal happening once in awhile, but during almost every field goal attempt?! Give me a break!


The stats in dynasty mode seem a bit more realistic. Hey, at least the quarterbacks aren't throwing for 5,000+ yards, right?


Also, I notice that the GPA significantly drops on "Campus Legend" mode after the final exam--even if you managed to ace the final exam and maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout the semester. Unless EA slipped an unseen plagiarism chance card into the game by chance, I'm going to assume that this is nothing but a glitch. :shock:

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