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Lets Talk Player Disappointments

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not a PC thread, but whatever, some of these guys need some criticism.


i have two players that stand out as liabilities. All others (i think) either have met my expectations or have exceeded them.



1. Ben Koyack - cant catch, cant block, not even sure why we play him tbh? Would rather play Daniel Smith at his position. We really do miss Alex Welch.


2. Jalen Brown - soft, cant tackle, was a huge liability on special teams but i believe the coaches finally took him off the unit. His whiff in the 2nd half on James was a Jr. High level. He needs to do better.

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Watching the punt return team, I think it is a schematic issue. So much effort into preventing the possible fake. We have five or six guys rush the punter, but not looking like they are trying to block the kick, just... hang out or something.


Pretty underwhelmed by Koyack as well, we will see how he pans out going forward though. Was pretty anti-Golic (vocally so) all season but he really did have a solid game on Saturday, so I will go ahead and get off his case.


Aside from that, I have no issue with individuals. I hate how often Fox or Spond ends up getting burned by a receiver, but that is a schematic issue also as they should never be 1 v 1 against a WR.

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My vote would definitely be Koyack. So much potential. I believe he is doing to much thinking and not enough just straight out balling. He has not seized his opportunity. Although Golic played better last week, he and Lomabard still scare the crap out of me. Stanford is going to maul them.

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Koyack looks to be a late bloomer

i hope your right.


- blocking on punt returns is awful, neal isn't getting any help from his teammates.


- kyle brindza, why can't he kick the ball out of the endzone on kickoffs. tired of watching our opponet return the ball out to the 35 yardline.


- not being able to get the ball to chris brown. how many times have they sent him deep only to over/under throw him each time, and he always seems to have the DB beat.

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Was Koyack not a 5 star/#1 tight end in the nation at one point, or at least right at the edge of being so? That poor guy seems to always be doing something bad. I hope he shakes off whatever has gotten him off track and lives up to the potential the recruitniks thought he had.


I have to give Golic credit, I have been one of his biggest critics, but he had a solid game against Miami. Now coming back down to reality, he still scares the crap out of me facing Stanford this weekend. I wouldn't be suprised a bit to see him getting shoved around again. Our interior blocking really needs a shot in the arm, most of our successful runs only come off the edges, we are very weak inside.


All in all, things seem to be improving as of late, but Stanford scares the absolute crap out of me. I'm still sitting back thinking how are we going to beat them? A team with good defense, discipline, and the ability to show up big when they are the underdogs. Stanford, Oklahoma and USC will be tough games to win. It's been a loooong time since a Notre Dame team has stepped up and come up big in games like we will have against those three.

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Koyack must be a pure catching TE, but that position is taken by the best TE in college football. I hope when Koyack takes over that position next year, he continues the long line of AMAZING TEs.


Remember, Eifert has never been a good blocker until this year.

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