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By far the worst game experience I've ever had

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Let me start off by saying that the stomping of Miami was absolutely fabulous!!!! I'll give a little disclaimer that the language here after is a "transcript" of actual language used.


I was given the chance to attend the game with my wife and my cousin's widow and their son. They are from Miami and sadly are Miami fans despite my cousin being a lifelong Irish fan. She was able to get tickets because she works for the U. So, you can guess where my seats were......................


Yep, smack dab in the middle of the Miami fan contingent. It started nearly the moment we got to our seats. ND sucks, blah blah blah. So when the teams came out on the field, the normal booing occurred. I obliged and shouted "boo the U" holding up an upside down "U".


Once the game started and Miami started moving the ball and they almost had a td on that long pass play, I turned and started talking to one of the guys behind me and said that play will be there all game long because the Irish secondary is new and very beatable. Just trying to start up some friendly banter....................turns out to have been a mistake as the one was drunk................................5 minutes into the game and he was drunk to the point of belligerent (sp).


So as the game progressed (6 minutes into the game clock) this guy and his buddy started yelling you suck, we suck but you suck more. Fing this, fing that. You guys have little dicks. "F" the bible and priests suck and on and on. My wife happens to be a preachers kid, I'm surprised she didn't say any thing at that point.


After the Irish scored, they ranted and whined about neutral field and how the refs helped them with 50 yards on penaltied. My wife stood up and turned to them and offered them our Notre Dame blanket to wipe their tears. At which one said we'll wipe our tears, our dick tears, the other joined in and said yeah we'll wipe our jizz on it. I just turned and looked and shook my head in disbelief.


This ranting went on and on and on for several more minutes. I turned to Doris, my cousin's widow, and told her that were she at the Notre Dame stadium, they wouldn't have been treated nearly as bad. I proceeded to let her know that this guy was this close to being tossed over the railing. She got up and went over and told him to tone down the language among other things. He said in a childish tone "can we at least say you suck".


So, she went back to her seat, it took about 20 seconds for the same talk to continue. With less than 2 minutes of time on the game clock (in the first quarter) I had had enough and stood up and turned and confronted these idiots. Started by saying we may suck, but we can fill a stadium, how many fans did you put in your stadium last game. He said yeah yeah, ok....................It's a football game. I agreed and said it's not a lets see how big of a dick you can be game. It went back and forth for a minute, a guy in back of him (a miami fan) and jumps to his rescue. Telling me to sit down and shut the f up. I said this mfer is yelling suck my dick in my wife's ear and I'm done listening to it. I told the original guy go drink some more beer.


By this time Doris stood up and got in between us and asked me to switch seats with her. So, I did. I think 5 minutes of game time into the 2nd qtr, this guy and his cronies got up and walked out. So, it was nice and quiet and I started to enjoy the game again. A couple of them came back before half time started, the 2 instigators didn't show up until 4 minutes left in the 3rd. A little more behaved......I was hoping they would stay until the end of the game so I could point out the scoreboard and explain to them that the Irish may suck, but when they are done sucking Miami swallows (which would make me an instigator).


Not long after they left there was a commotion over to our left, and a bunch of people were up holding a couple of guys (Miami fans) back. I look down a couple of rows and there is a Notre Dame fan bleeding from his head. These guys were escorted out by security and I'm not sure what happened.


A few more minutes off the game clock, I looked down to the tunnel where my wife points out that security was in the face of another guy (yep, you guessed it, another Miami fan), next thing you know this guy is surrounded by3 security guards. He's taken out of the tunnel only to emerge a few minutes later to return to his seat where he remained for a few minutes and finally gathered his Miami family and left.


So, while I thoroughly enjoyed the thumping the Irish put on the canes, I did not enjoy the atmosphere around me, total disappointment.


I will point out that once Doris and I changed seats, I was next to another Miami fan who said that I shouldn't let this guy ruin the game for me and unfortunately, that's the way Miami fans are. We talked about the game the rest of the time and it made it a little better.


So, after this long rant, USC fans are now my second most hated fans in the college football world. WELL behind miami's and just ahead of the suckeye fans.


Thanks for letting me rant.



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My advice: when you think of Miami, think about the guy you ended up sitting next to rather than the mental midgets with the potty mouths. It will make you feel better, and I just have to assume that the majority of U fans simply cannot be that bad.

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I was at the game with a 10-year-old in the second row of the end zone. When Miami took the field, #28 on their team ran down to stretch / do a prayer in the end zone while our band was walking by. All of a sudden, he started screaming "f-you!!" at the band about 12 times like a maniac. Real classy.


Some other U fans were really chirping on the way into the game, screaming "overrated". On the way out, they were pretty quiet.


So glad we pounded them on the field.

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Your tolerance is a lot better than mine. I can take whatever you want to say to me, but I don't think I could take someone speaking to my wife in that manner.


Don't take that as a insult on how you defend your wife, I admire your tact.


Would love to hear how you resolve this situation...



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I dont like doing security at ball games (the police security, not the guys in yellow jackets)... Too many things we cannot see and too many people want something done. I have done football and basketball. Police officers are powerless in a lot of situations that arise in the stadium. Not sure if SpeedsterX has done any security at ball games, but I hate it, but it does pay well around here.

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