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Laquon Treadwell tweeting he's at Miami game..

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Great to hear. This kid is a stud wr. Always believed to be a Michigan lean but clearly Irish interest. He is bigtime though. Now, Golson really better start to see who would be throwing the ball to him next year.


"Notre Dame Vs The U. Im there !! Couldn't make the Mizzou game due to distance !!"

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Or he could really just like the atmosphere and the offense and that is all there is to it. I like the way teams run power football and am a big fan of the GT or Navy triple option but that doesn't mean I would want to play there.


I meant that ND already has 4 other WR commits this year. James Onwualu, Hunter Jr, Will Fuller, Corey Robinson

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I think Fuller is one of those play him where you need him type guys so I wouldn't say he's a lock at WR. Even so, Treadwell is supposed to be the real deal so if he's as good as advertised he wouldn't have to worry about other guys. Also, you never know when a guy is gonna decommit. If he wants in I say we take him.

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