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A brief look at recent ND decommits and transfer players

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These players either decommitted from ND during the recruiting process or transferred later. I was thinking about recruiting and decided to make a list just for fun. ;) I probably missed a few, and my memory might fail me at times, but here we go...


Nyshier Oliver - ATH

Decommited and went to Tennessee. Got arrested for shoplifting his freshman year. Had two years out with injury. Still on the team, but i'm not seeing much info about him.


EJ Banks - DB

Left ND after a redshirt year. Ended up at Pitt. Was eligable for hardship waiver. I think he is a backup QB there now.


Bennet Okotcha - DB

Decommit from ND for Oklahoma. After a redshirt year, he left Oklahoma. He didn't get along with coaches and transferred to U of Texas-San Antonio. His brother is a running back there.


Marlon Pollard - DB

Things didn't work out at UCLA, so he transfered to Eastern Michigan.



Spencer Boyd - DB

He could've been a starting CB right now. Most of these DBs could've been. They were foolish to leave. He transferred back to FL (USF) because he had a child with his GF. He was suspended by USF for the final three games in '11, and then left the team. He returned to USF a while later, but I don't see him on the roster now.



Toney Hurd Jr - DB

Switched from ND to Texas A&M after Weis was fired. He never seemed very solid. Stayed close to home in Texas. Apparently doing alright there.


Joe Fauria - TE

Doing well at UCLA and will be in the NFL. What really happened with him at ND? I heard he jokingly spanked a RA on the ass in the dorm??? Seems stupid that he was kicked out for that? Someone must know what really happened by now, right?

Update: spanked a priest


Chris Martin - DL

His latest stop is at City College of San Francisco. He wants to get back to D1 with 2 years left of eligibility. He might end up at Kansas with Weis.

Update: Ended up at Kansas, projected to start next season. Plans on being very violent.


Nate Montana - QB

Transferred to a JC then came back to ND. Went to Montana for a bit, and is now at West Virginia Wesleyan College.

NFL Update: Was offered a tryout with the 49ers...


Nick Montana - QB

Didn't commit to ND, but was in the same class as Rees and Hendrix. He would've been in a position to play now if he signed with ND. Or maybe not... He signed with Washington, but didn't like the depth chart. Is now at Mount San Antonio College.

Update: Is now at Tulane...


Gio Bernard - RB

From the St Thomas Aquinas HS program in FL. Left after Weis was fired. Doing well at North Carolina. Would've been interesting to see what would've happened if he stayed.

NFL Update: Drafted in the 2nd round - Bengals


Blake Lueders - DE/OLB

Indiana guy who left after Weis was fired. Playing OLB for Stanford. ND will see how he does when he plays against them.


Clay Burton - DE

Barely remember him. He was a ND decommit, and joined his brother at Florida during the Urban Meyer years. He was/is a Redshirt freshman TE now.



Aaron Lynch - DE

Sitting out this year at USF. We all know the story.


Justice Hayes - RB

Got the cold shoulder from ND coaches during a visit, from what I remember. Could be wrong. He went to Michigan. Scored a TD recently during garbage time. What really happened? An unsolved mystery. They were likely trying to get someone else.


Taylor Decker - OL

He flipped to OSU after Ed Warinner and Tim Hinton left to coach for Urban Meyer. They were the guys recruiting him for ND, so coaching changes screwed ND there. The new OL guys this year are better anyway.


Jordan Prestwood - OL

Who knows? Unsolved mystery.

Update: Currently enrolled at University of Central Florida. But still... what really happened with him at ND?


Alex Bullard -OL

Would've liked to see what he could do at ND, but his father died, and he wanted to go to school closer to home. He is getting some playing time at Tennessee.

Update: Tennessee converted him into a TE!!! Blocking TE that is. He was a reserve "utility" lineman last year, playing all over the place.


David "Boom" Perkins - ATH

Indiana guy who left for OSU. Few tears were shed. Not sure what position he would've played. Just watch, he will probably become an AA now.


Ron Darby - DB- FSU

Most people say its because of the FSU track team... I think there's more to the story. He said the coaches stopped contacting him, or showing much interest. This will probably remain another unsolved mystery. Is playing this year. He looked pretty good/fast in the game against USF. Watched him make a tackle to save a TD.

Update: He had a good first year. Earned ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year honors and named freshman All-American by FWAA. He was backing up Xavier Rhodes last year, but will likely start next year. Dammit!


Deontay Greenberry -WR

Went to Houston on signing day. Probably a mistake to go there. Houston's OC has already been fired after a terrible start. He's playing this year, but so are the freshman WR at ND. Ridiculous.

Update: 47 receptions for 569 yards. Thats pretty good, but... I'll reserve myself... good for him.


Tee Shepard - DB

Unsolved mystery.

Update: Currently playing DB for Holmes Community College in Mississippi.


Shaq Evans - WR

Almost forgot about him. His brief time at ND was strange. Played early, then fell off the map. He seems to be doing alright at UCLA. He's filling in for an injured redshirt freshman. Had 6 passes for 148 yards (includes a 65 yard run for TD) against Oregon State.

Update: Was the #1 WR last year at UCLA. Led the team in receptions. UCLA Profile


Derrick Roback -ATH

Left ND because he wanted to play QB... . Is now a TE at Ohio U. Scored his first TD at the Potato Bowl.



Matt James - OL

After the coaching change, Kelly fought hard against OSU to sign James. He was a highly rated player at a position of need, so this was a pretty big recruiting victory. Sadly, he died in a terrible accident, and never got the chance to play for ND.

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mixed up nate and nick montana, also forgot shaq evans
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Great list, thanks for the update. It would also be interesting to get updates about infamous recruits who were strongly considering ND down the wire, but ended up somewhere else.


I did a quick, lazy version. it's on the main board. You won't find it by looking at the title thread it's the last thread I started.


I may try a better one latter or just make a master thread and anyone can jump in and add to it.


Maybe this thread would work?

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Great list, thanks for the update. It would also be interesting to get updates about infamous recruits who were strongly considering ND down the wire, but ended up somewhere else.


Thanks Crab Apple:-P Ok, If you insist!!! Not every player on this next list was "down to the wire" but they were all heavily recruited.

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Nick Montana '10 -QB - Washington - now at San Antonio College 3* rivals 4* espn

His dad was Joe Montana, but he picked Washington. Left Washington when the depth chart wasn’t in his favor.


Jake Heaps '10 - QB - BYU - now at Kansas 4*

He was the top QB target that year. Back then, ND had a young Dayne Crist set to take over at QB for a while, so It didn't seem like Heaps had much interest in ND, but.... He ended up transferring to Kansas to play for Charlie Weis. Makes me think that they were probably talking back then. I think the instability and rumors of coaching changes really hurt recruiting at every position during this time.


Bubba Starling '11 - QB- Nebraska - now playing baseball with Kansas City Royals 4*

Was considering ND, but picked Nebraska. Opted for baseball instead of football. Was the 5th overall selection in the 1st round of MLB draft. Kansas City Royals. Got a $7.5 million signing bonus.


Maty Mauk ‘12 - QB - Missouri 3/4*

Set passing records in HS, and now has a criminal record in college. He got arrested because of a scooter accident!!! WTF




Marc Tyler '07 - RB - USC 5*

HS teammate of Jimmy Clausen. Played a bit at USC, but had a strange career there. Injuries, depth chart and stupidity limited his playing time. He was picked up by the Packers as an undrafted FA, but was released by the team in September.


Sam McGuffie '08 - RB - Michigan - now at Rice 4*

He played well against ND a few years ago with Michigan. This former youtube sensation left Michigan because of coaching changes, and ended up back in TX, playing at Rice. He’s being used as a WR now.


NFL Update: Undrafted FA, signed with Raiders.


Milton Knox '08 - RB- UCLA - transferred to Fresno State 4*

ND was one of his final choices, but his parents wanted him to stay close to home. The 4* RB left UCLA for more playing time at Fresno State.




Carlton Thomas '08 - RB- Georgia - Has left school, transfered somewhere else? 3*

He played a bit, but nothing special. He was passed up on the depth chart. and wasn't going to see the the field with Marshall and Gurley signing with the team. He also had some off the field issues. Failed drug test and team rule violations. Transferred somewhere else to play his final season. Not much info about where.

Tyler Gaffney '09 - RB - Stanford - he quit football, now playing baseball. 4*

He played a few years, but gave up football to focus on baseball. Was stuck behind Stefan Taylor. Drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 24th round of the MLB draft.

Update: He switched back to football


Jordan James '10 - RB - UCLA 4*

Was interested in ND, but ND had already signed Gio Bernard. Redshirted at UCLA, and was recently switched from RB to F-back after Anthony Barr was injured. Getting a few carries and scored a TD against Colorado.



Gio Bernard '10 - RB - UNC 4*

Didn’t like the coaching change at ND. Is now playing well for UNC.

Drafted 2nd Rd, Bengals


Malcom Jones '10 - RB - UCLA - Has left school, transfered somewhere else? 4*

Went to Oaks Christian HS (same school as Jimmy Clausen), and was gatorade player of the year. iIremember him being talked about, probably because of the Clausen connection. Got buried in the depth chart at UCLA (was 4th RB) , and recently asked for his release from the program. Transferring somewhere else. Was scheduled to visit Occidental College in September, but thats all i'm seeing.

Update: He returned to UCLA as a walk-on...


Justice Hayes '11- RB - Michigan 4*

Getting some playing time. Did he play against ND? I don't remember seeing him.


Savon Huggins '11 - RB - Rutgers 5*

This one went late into the recruiting process. He took an official visit, and was NDs best chance at a top RB that year. He chose Rutgers because he preferred the way they use RBs. He wanted a fullback to block for him, if i recall correctly. He is playing at rutgers, but has been out with an knee injury recently.



Redmond Wright - '11 - RB - Stanford 4*

From Ft Wayne Indiana. Wanted an ND offer but I don't know if it ever came. Getting a few carries for Stanford this years. Had a reception for 35 yards.


Keith Marshall '12 - RB - Georgia 4*

The player everyone wanted that year. He took an official visit to ND but it wasn't enough. Will Mahone was also trying hard to recruit him. It was strange because Georgia already had 5* RB freshman Isaiah Crowell. Crowell has since been booted off the team, and I doubt anyone in GA misses him. Marshall and Todd Gurley will be a force to be reckoned with for a few years. He is playing well.


Barry Sanders JR ‘12 - RB - Stanford 4*

How cool would it have been to have either Keith Marshall or Barry Sanders Jr? He will likely redshirt this year.


Byron Marshall ‘12 - RB - Oregon - 4*

The “other” Marshall seemed close to signing with ND. Maybe he was upset that everyone wanted Keith Marshall more? He’s getting some playing time for the Ducks.. He ran for 125 yards against the impenetrable Tennessee Tech defense.



Arrelious Benn '07 - WR - Illinois - 5* Philadelphia Eagles


Gerrell Robinson '08 - WR - Arizona State - now maybe in NFL - Broncos? 4*

There were rumors that he was going to transfer to ND. It didn't happen. He went undrafted , but is now playing in the NFL, on the Arizona Cardinals practice squad. Was recently suspended four games for violating performance enhancing drug rules. The potential transfer to ND was discussed on DD a few years ago :)


Update: Not sure if he's still in the NFL. Might be on the Broncos practice squad or something.


Jon Baldwin '08 - WR - Pitt - now in NFL, Chiefs - 5*

I don't remember why, but wasn't there some ND connection here? ND ended up signing Michael Floyd that year. Baldwin is now on the Chiefs.


Kraig Appleton '09 - WR - Wisconsin 4*

He was a big 6'4 WR from East Saint Louis, IL. ND made a late push for him, and Illinois seemed like the main competition. He picked Wisconsin and played a bit his freshman year, but was then suspended indefinitely for violating team rules. He ended up leaving the team. He went back home, and got shot multiple times! He survived, but never made it back to play for Wisconsin.



Kyle Prater '10 -WR - USC - now at Northwestern 5*

ND fought hard to get the 5* WR from IL, but USC snagged him. His cousin was former ND player Carlyle Holiday. He ended up not enjoying his time at USC, and transferred to Northwestern. "USC's release of Prater stated he could not transfer to any other Pac-12 school or Notre Dame."



Justin McCay '10 - WR - Oklahoma - now at Kansas - 4*

Another top WR with a ND connection (I think his coach was a former ND player?). He transferred to Kansas.... yea, another former ND recruit going to play for Weis. He was twice denied a hardship waiver to play this year. Charlie Weis wasn't happy about this.



Deanthony Arnett '11 - WR - Tennessee - transferred to Michigan State - 4*

It seemed like ND had a pretty good chance with this guy but he ended up signing with Tennessee. He transferred to Michigan State, and is now complaining about not getting enough playing time there. His transfer from Tenn was a bit dramatic. At first, Tennessee was only allowing him to transfer to a MAC school.


Kasen Williams. '11 - WR - Washington - 4*

Was teammates with Jake Heaps in HS. He is playing well, and just helped Washington beat Stanford with a game winning TD.


Miles Schuler '11 - WR - Rutgers - 4*

A speedy WR ND was after. He's been playing on special teams, but is out now with a leg injury. He has blocked a punt. Thats all i know.


Jordan Westercamp 12 - WR - Nebraska 4*

It was close, but he picked Nebraska over ND. Expected to redshirt, but one of Nebraskas WRs recently had a season ending injury. MIght play, but i'm not seeing much info.


Jordan Payton - 12 - UCLA 4*

Went to same HS as Clausen. Playing this year, and has 2 catches.


Bryce Treggs '12 - WR - Cal 4*

Is playing this year and has been productive.


Deontay Greenberry - 12 - Houston 4*

Made a bad decision.



Gabe Ikard '09 - TE/OL - Oklahoma 3*

He was a ND fan since childhood, but decided to stay close to home. ND was in his final 3 with Stanford and OU. Was listed on the recruiting sites as a TE, but plays OL in college. He's been their starting center the last few years. He's had a pretty good career, and won some All-Big 12 1st team awards.



CJ Fiedorowicz '10 - TE - Iowa 4*

He was from IL and a top TE, so it looked like ND had a good chance. He hasn't done much at Iowa from what I can see. He probably would’ve been better off at ND, since TEs here tend to do well and go to the NFL :)



Taylor McNamara '12 - Oklahoma 4*

Wanted to sign with ND but there wasn't enough room. Committed to Arizona, then switched to OK. Early enrolled. Is playing this year, but doesn't have any receptions yet.



Xavier Nixon '09 - OL - Florida 4*

He was a highly rated OL recruit for the Irish, and things looked good early on. He picked Florida, and is now the starting LT. He has struggled a bit there.



Eric Shrive '09 - OL - Penn St 4*

It seemed like ND was in the lead for this guy for a while. Some said he was a lock! He signed with Penn St instead, so now he gets to deal with that mess.


Mike Schofield '09 - OL - Michigan 4*

From Orland Park, IL, so thought ND might have a shot early on. I think he visited. A few Michigan fans are less than thrilled with his performance against ND, ha



James Stone '10 - OL - Tennessee 4*

is the starting center, but has had some trouble there



James Hurst '10 - OL - North Carolina 4*

A highly rated player at a position of need. Went to HS in Indiana. That didn't help ND enough though.


Brandon Linder '10 - OL - Miami 4*

Another St Thomas Aquinas recruit ND wanted to sign. Didn’t have much luck with the top STA guys that year. Af first it seemed as if ND could get all of them. Will see how Linder plays against ND soon.


Erik Kohler '10 - OL - Washington 4*

Went to Oaks Christian, same school as Jimmy Clausen. Flirted with ND, but followed teammate Nick Montana to Washington. He has played early and often, and is the starting RT.


Andrew Norwell '10 - OSU 4*

ND needed OL this year, and these last few OL guys were targeted early on, but not much happened. The ‘11 class made up for it.


Seantrel Henderson '10 - OL - Miami 5*

Went to the same HS and was friends with Michael Floyd, so It seemed like ND had a decent chance. He picked USC and then switched to Miami. He has been rotating/sharing playing time with freshman Ereck Flowers. He’s playing alright, but doesn’t seem to be living up to those very high expectations. In other news, he recently ran a red light and almost killed a child!



Jay Whitmire '11 - OL Virginia 3*

Visited ND, but I don't know much else. Redshirted at Virginaia, getting some time at RT now. ND had a good OL haul that year.


Josh Garnett '12 - OL - Stanford 4*

it was a 3-way race between Stanford, Michigan and ND. ND finished third. Is now getting some playing time on a young Stanford OL.



Andus Peat '12 - OL - Stanford 5*

Once said "I'm 100 percent sure that Notre Dame will be in it until the end... The only other school I can say that about right now is Nebraska" He is now getting playing time with Stanford.


Zach Banner '12 - OL - USC 5*

Will likely redshirt this year.


John Theus '12 - OL - Georgia 5*

He visited ND, but might've been a spy... secretly recruiting Keith Marshall to go to Georgia. Georgia lost both starting Tackles, so he's getting playing time and doing well.



Dustin Hopkins '09 - K - Florida State 3*

ND needed a kicker, and Hopkins was the #1 rated kicker that year. Weis wanted him, but Hopkins didn't want to commit early enough... so Weis then offered Nick Tausch, and Tausch accepted. Hopkins went on to have a good career at FSU, and broke some kicking records. Playing all four years helped that happen. Was drafted in the 6th round by the Buffalo Bills.

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Byron Moore ‘09 - USC 4*

Has left the program. Was supposed to attend Harbour College in CA, but not sure where he’s at now. Should’ve picked ND.


(Update: at Tennessee now)


Juwanza Starling ‘09 - USC 4*

Both Moore and Starling picked USC even though there was a huge need for a S at ND. It’s still difficult to understand.

NFL Update: Undrafted FA - signed with Texans


David Amerson ‘10 - NCS 4*

ND was recruiting him pretty hard, and it seemed like he would sign here. What could’ve been?

NFL Update: Drafted in Round 2 - Redskins.


Lamarcus Joyner ‘10 - FSU 5*

St Thomas Aquinas player. He visited, but backed off after Weis was fired. He scored a TD against ND during the bowl game.


Cody Riggs ‘10 - Florida 4*

Another St Thomas Aquinas player. That HS team must’ve been pretty good. He started two games last year, but then had a season ending foot injury.


Josh Shaw ‘10 - USC 4*

Was just switched to CB at USC



Jeremey Ioane ‘10 Boise St 3*

From Hawaii, visited ND, but sadly ended up picking Boise. He had a hard hitting youtube video. Is now starting for Boise. He got hurdled by Le'Veon Bell in the MSU game. Has two interceptions and took one back for a TD.


Corey Cooper ‘10 - Nebraska 4*

Had a familly connection with ND and was from IL. Was committed to U of I for a while, but flipped to Nebraska. Not seeing much info about him.


Deitrich Riley ‘10 - UCLA 4*

Was out for a long time due to a potentially career ending neck injury.


Sean Parker ‘10 - Washington 4*

ND was striking out with some of the top S this year.


Wayne Lyons ‘11 - Stanford 4*

Played in 2 games his freshman year, then broke his foot and missed the rest of the season. Playing this year.


Alex Carter ‘12 - CB - Stanford 4*

Legacy player, but never seemed very interested in ND. Why not?


Yuri Wright ‘12 - Colorado 4*

Got in trouble for saying too many vulger things on the internet. Good chance he goes to ND if that stuff didn’t happen.


Shaq Thompson ‘12 - Washington 5*

I think Tee Shepard or Greenberry were trying to help recruit him. Did not end well.


Ronald Darby ‘12 - FSU 4*

getting some playing time at FSU this year


Will Redmond ‘12 Miss State. 4*


Brian Poole '12 - Florida 4*


Anthony Stadifer ‘12 - Ole Miss 3*

Didn’t qualify academically. It’s a shame, because he went to the same school as Laquan Treadwell.


Marcus Rios '12 - UCLA 4*



Chris Donald '07 - Tennessee 5*


Jelani Jenkins ‘09 - Florida 5*

Playing well. NFL bound.


Blake Lueders ‘10 - Stanford 4*


Christian Jones’10 - FSU 5*

Had interception and TD against USF recently.


Max Bullough ‘10 - Michigan State 4*

Legacy player at ND, but was also a legacy at MSU. Is now one of the better LBs.


Josh Shirley '10 - UCLA 4*

ND made a late push, to no avail... reminds me of the movie Airplane. "Shirley you can't be serious... I am serious, and don't call me Shirley" haha


Schyler Miles - ‘12 - Kansas 3*

Playing LB for Weis at KU.



Noor Davis '12 - Stanford 4*

ND was in contention for a while, but the LB from FL picked Stanford.



Ben Martin '07 - Tennessee 5*


Omar Hunter '08 - Florida 5*


Keith Wells ‘08 - OSU - now (or was) at Ohio Dominican 3*


Anthony LaLota ‘09 - Michigan - now at Rutgers??? 4*

A former top recruit . Went to school with Tyler Stockton.. Transfered to Rutgers. Not seeing much info now.

Update: He no longer plays football.


Michael Buchanon ‘09 - Illinois 4*

ND made a late push for him, but he didn’t join. Is now playing well for IL and is an NFL prospect.


Chris Bonds '09 - DL - Alabama 3*

He visited and had ND in his top 3 with Alabama and USC. He ended up picking Alabama. During his time there, he only saw limited action during 4 games, and isn't coming back for a 5th year.


Chance Carter '10 - Northwestern 3*

Another soap opera. He seemed at first to be a top prospect likely to go to ND. Then, his stock started to fall, and he wasn't as highly regarded. He waited too long to commit. It was between ND, Stanford and Indiana for a long while. He ended up picking Northwestern. From what I can see, he does not yet have impressive stats there.


Bruce Gaston ‘10 - Purdue 3*

Gaston is the bad guy in the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” - Went to same HS as Darius Fleming. ND made a late push, but he is now playing well on the Purdue DL.


Bjorn Werner ‘10 - FSU 3*

He’s from Berlin, Germany. Now a potential 1st rd draft pick at FSU. I wanted ND to go after this guy so badly, but not much happened.


Ego Ferguson ‘10 - LSU 4*

His name always reminds me of eggo waffles. Hasn't seen much action yet, but might get his chance next year.


Christian French ‘11 - Oregon 4*

Is playing DE at Oregon. Was a three way race between Oregon, Iowa and ND.


Brendan Scarlett ‘11 - Cal 4*


Tommy Schutt ‘12 - OSU 4*

He went to HS with Chris Watt. Tried to sign with ND, but there wasn’t room after Sheldon Day committed. Was a verbal commit to Penn St, then switched to OSU.


Ifeadi Obenigbo ‘12 - Northwestern 4*

He has a strange name, but was high on ND for a while.


Arik Armstead '12 - Oregon 4*

Was a strange recruiting soap opera. His brother transferring from USC was also involved. Seemed like ND was close for a while, but he signed with the Ducks. Is playing this year. His brother is now suing USC for giving him painkiller medication and causing a heart attack.




Anthony Barr ‘10 - UCLA 4*

Legacy player. Seemed like a lock for ND. Started out at RB, but now playing LB at UCLA.



Hayes Pullard ‘10 - USC 4*

Playing LB for USC.


Nelson Agholar ‘12 - USC 5*

Top player from FL goes to CA.

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there's always something
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Furia spanked Priest


Don't forget the Chance Carter saga


Lolata doesn't play anymore I believe


Amerson was a miss


Maybe add the 5th year transfers?


Damn, not sure how I forgot Chance Carter. Followed his recruitment for a while. .He seemed so likely to sign with ND at first. I'm not sure if he had an offer towards the end of it all? 5th year transfers? Please add whoever you can think of.

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