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A notice to you Lurkers!

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As a mod, I see you there! Why don't you join our little community? I know many of you are members of other boards and we have no problem with that! We know you come here to find out some things first or to read the Twitterless thread or to see what work of art Rocketsan has come up with next or to see my little dancing hurdler!


Go ahead and join up and join in. Other than echo, we don't bite! ;)


We love others points of views! :grin:

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I am making my first posting on this board. I have read this board for a couple of years and I it seems like I know all of you. I'm sorry I haven't posted before, but I do want you all to know I have been a life long Notre Dame fan (even though I played football for a Big Ten school, I wasn't good enough to play for Notre Dame back in 1993). Thank-you for making me feel welcomed.

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Iowa. I got injured my sophomore year. I broke my ankle in three places. I can appreciate how a school like Notre Dame allows an injured athlete to remain on scholarship with a career ending injury. I was not as fortunate. Times were somewhat different then (I do know this does still go on today, but not as much and medicine has got better since then). I just think the NCAA needs to go to a four year scholarship instead of this renewal year by year program they have. The athletes that play for the Universities really don't have any protection as far as their education goes if they get hurt. For me, I was using my scholarship first and foremost for the education and football second. I can ramble on about this for a while. So, i'll stop there.

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I too have been guilty of lurkering, but no more. I'm taking the plunge and joining the best board around.


Swodomer - I'm from Michigan too, and spend alot of time in AA. Welcome. I have to tell you, beating both MI and MSU has made this one of the best falls in quite a long time!!!

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