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A game of big plays

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This game is going to come down to who can stop the other team from doing what they do.


Miami's offense is predicated on big plays. They are in the top 10 in the nation in big plays this year:


Plays over 30 yards: 15 for 9th in the nation

Plays over 40 yards: 14 for 1st in the nation

Plays over 50 yards: 8 for 2nd in the nation

Plays over 60 yards: 3 for 8th in the nation


On the flipside, ND is in the top 5 in the country at stopping these plays, having allowed only 1 40+ yard play all year, and only 3 over 30 yards.


Conversely, ND is near the bottom in getting big plays, while Miami is near the bottom in allowing big plays.


I don't think Miami can move the ball down the field on ND with a 12 play drive. The question will be, can the young kids in the back avoid giving up the big play. If they do, I've a feeling ND wins this one pretty handily, even if the score isn't a blowout.

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