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Miami showing Deonte Thompson the love


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[quote name="FightingIrishMan"

Yes he is fast and could be a great football player one day but I believe right now he is a track star who plays football, not the other way around. He doesnt have many highlights or production compared to many other recievers in this class.[/quote]


FIM, I think you are absolutely correct.


The current pursuit of DT is based more on pure speed than anything else.

Not that he is a bad football player but he has alot of room to grow on the field.


On that note, I'd love to have DT in a ND uni.

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Guest TDJesus3

yea when they say he is raw they don't mean hes bad, they mean there are technical things that can be worked on, thats not uncommon for a kid who is physically gifted like DT


he is going to be a good player for whoever lands him, as long as he recieves the coaching, i think miami has proven they can teach the kids the skills, he will fit nicely there

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